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Horqin Grasslands

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When people get tired of the noisy and busy urban life, it’s normal to dream about riding a horse in a giant grassland where there is free from all kinds of annoying things that they are stuck in. Horqin grassland is definitely one of the most ideal places, and it is also China's forth greatest grasslands. It is located in the east of Inner Mongolia, at the south side of the Greater Khingan Range. In October 2002, Horqin grassland scenic area is named as "base of photographic creation in China" by the Chinese Photographers Association. Horqin grassland connects with the Greater Khingan Range and Songliao Plain. It has a long history of civilization and rich resources. The unique natural scenery and ethnic customs make the magical land full of mystery and beauty.

Situated southeast of Inner Mongolia, the scenic spot Horqin grassland includes two regions: the Xinggan League and Tongliao City. This area boasts the vast west Liao River Plain, the rolling middle section of the Greater Xinggan Mountains with various sceneries, including the famous groups of hot springs in Mt.Arxan, Horqin Grassland, deserts, forests and lakes. This area is an inhabitation of Mongolians, having a strong style of Mongolian ethnic custom and way of life. It provides resources for developing tourism of hotspring recuperation, grassland folk custom, desert, lake scenery, Liao cultural and archaeological study, and hilly area forestry. The area is near Liaoning, Jilin and Hebei provinces, with good transport service. Ulan Hot and Tongliao are the central tourism cities of this area.

Grand Territory

The grassland includes vast territory. Its diversity of geomorphic feature and traditional Mongolian folk culture provides both natural and humanistic resource and good space for photography creation. Horqin grassland is rich in water resources, chaor River, Tao River, the river, such as 240 large and small Huolinhe Morin flow and the temple, John Gali, qarsan more than 20 large and medium-sized reservoir. Horqin types of freshwater fish, meat, pollution-free water breeding, fish out of the year reached 3,000 tons.

Profound Culture

Horqin grassland has a long history, culture goes back to ancient times. At present, there are surviving relics in the ancient city of the Liao Dynasty, Trench on behalf of the community, the flag will be ten Horqin League to the former site of the temple and, more than pagoda.


This is the first part of "Gadameilin," an Inner Mongolian folk song familiar to many people. It is about the Mongolian hero Gadameilin (1892-1931), who led his people in an uprising against the aristocrats who were selling Mongolian land to warlords. Gadameilin died in a battle when there were only about 20 soldiers left in his troop, yet his story lives on and the song has spread all over China.

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