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Thousand Buddha Mountain

 2014-03-13    sonrisabai    Activities    Jinan    1624  

Thousand Buddha Mountain is the cultural heritage of the Spring City-Jinan. It's located in the southeast of the city. Just like its name, it's renowned for its huge amount of Buddha images that have been carved on rocks from ancient times.

It was a bright spring sunday morning, me and my friends decided to climb Thousand-Buddha mountain and have some good time. Since it's near to where we live, we took the bus. We reached there about 9 in the morning, the sun was so strong that I had to squint my eyes so I could have a clear view.

Everything was green, the trees, the grasses, so beautiful and peaceful. I took a deep breath so I could inhale more oxygen and refresh my mind. I lost in the scene, unwilling to leave. There were numerous small trees besides the climbing stairs, I could see some small green sprouts on branches. Looking up to the sky through trees, I could see three different green colors in clear order.

The new sprouts couldn't wait to take up the old branches and be the king of the spring!All so alive! I noticed there were tons of red ribbons tying on the tree branches, almost on every one in eyes sight. An old lady from the city told me, those were wish ribbons. People made a wish here and tied ribbons on trees, hoping their wishes could come true. I bought two ribbons, one for me, another for my friend.

After 10 minutes climbing, I saw a giant lying buddha, many old women were praying in front of him. We kept going up for about 5 minutes, then there was a small temple standing in front of us. There was a big altar in the middle, with two monks standing on both sides. In the bustling, not-so-big yard were crammed with people that came here to pray and hope buddha solve the different problems. The smell of incense filled the air, with buddha music playing around the place, I felt I was one step closer to the buddha.

If you think Thousand Buddha was only a nice spot for adults, then you are so wrong. There was also an amusement park for kids which featured a chairlift, a kart racing track, best of all, a summer slide down the hill! You could hear happy laughters every time passing by the park. We were all very tired already before hitting the mountain top, we rested a little bit then kept going. It was getting more windy up there. The stone stairs was so slippery that you had to be extra careful on every step. I couldn't imagine how it would like if I fell down.

Finally, we came to the top! Hooray! Standing there and looking under, everything seemed so small, the view on the top was always better! Haha!We found a small rock and spreaded our food there, breads, beers, snacks, everything to eat in our backpack! Best sunday time ever!

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