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Three Remarkable Towers in Shanghai

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Shanghai has so many marvelous scenic spots. Huangpu River and Shanghai Xin Tian Di are just a few reasons why flows of tourists from all around the world come to visit the city everyday. There are also three remarkable towers in Shanghai that tourists will not want to miss. Here we are going to explore them one by one.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Among all the towers in Shanghai, the Oriental Pearl Tower is definitely the most attractive one. It is resting on the smooth green grassland in Pudong Park in Lujiazui with a height of 468 meters. So far, Oriental Pearl Tower has been recognized as the second highest TV and radio tower in China. However, its enchanting outer appearance seems more alluring to tourists than the height. The green grassland is a huge precious jade plate; the bottom of Oriental Pearl TV Tower is a firm base; and the upper sphere is the sparking and bright pearl. No one can help admiring the unique design of Oriental Pearl TV Tower once he comes to Shanghai. Besides, there is also a magnificent scene related to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower that called “twin dragons playing with the pearl”. The scene is formed by two bridges named “Yangpu Bridge” and “Nanpu Bridge” respectively and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. When you standing in distance, the two bridges look like vivid dragons and the tower is the shining pearl between them. What a spectacular view!

Jin Mao Tower

Completed in 1999, Jin Mao Tower is ranking as the third tallest architecture in mainland China with a height of 420.5 meters. It is standing in the center of Lujiazui Finance and Trade Districts in Pudong, where convenient transportation is available. Though Jin Mao Tower was built almost 15 years ago, it is also widely regarded as the best-constructed building in China. Designed by outstanding architect “Adrian D. Smith”, Jin Mao Tower is a perfect combination of both Chinese traditional elements and modern architectural concert. Inside the tower, big offices with modern facilities, gorgeous exhibition halls, bright lobby, charming observation deck, up-scaled restaurants as well as various entertainment facilities can all be found. With 88 floors, high-speed elevators are rather indispensible in the Jin Mao Tower. The fastest elevators can transmit tourists from the street level to the top observation deck in only 45 seconds. Believe it or not? You definitely should have a try.

Shanghai Tower
The last famous tower in Shanghai we will explore today is the Shanghai Tower, which is still under construction. When Shanghai Tower is successfully completed in 2015, it will take the first place as the tallest tower in China. Unlike the Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Tower looks more like a snake spiraling into the clouds. In order to resist strong winds and terrible earthquake, the tower features firm structure and super altitude. To save more public space inside the tower, smart designers create two glass facades, which are not only environment-friendly but also space-saving. Gradually, multifunction conference rooms, bright halls, deluxe hotels, recreational facilities and sightseeing rooms will be improved. And Shanghai Tower may become next hot tourism paradise of Shanghai.

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