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Thrilling but Adorable Experience at Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

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As one of the Chimelong International Ocean Resorts located at Hengqin, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom won the Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement over 169 international candidates in 2014, which was the first time that a Chinese theme park was given to. 

It is a must-see world-class attraction for visitors when paying a visit to Zhuhai. It features 8 themed zones, each one of them is with unique amusement facilities. The eight themed zones includes Ocean Avenue, Dolphin Cove, Amazing Amazon, Ocean Beauty, Polar Horizon, Fun Zone, Mt. Walrus and Hengqin Ocean. Lets immerse to the fantastic underwater world! Woo~~~

We got a chance to immerse ourselves in an underwater world with the huge LED screen overhead when stepping onto the Ocean Avenue.

Ocean Avenue


When paying a visit to Whale Shark Exhibit Aquarium of Ocean Beauty, it was amazing for us to appreciate the Deep Sea Odyssey and the aptivating world of the deep seas and its creatures, especially the manta rays, sharks, sea turtles and other 15,000 kind of rare marine animals, making it the world’s largest aquarium.

Whale Shark Exhibit Aquarium


Various colors of jellyfish and other creatures



Then watched amusement rides including bayyle of the pirates, dolphin round ride, 5D castle theater and animal exhibits in Dolphin Island and Dolphin Theater as well as in Dolphin Conservation Center.We did get close to these fasinating creatures as fans of the intelligent dolphin.

Dolphin Island and Dolphin Theater




Additionally, the Polar Horizon took us to a world of white snow and ice, where was a good place to explore and face-to-face with the the mysterious North and South Poles as well as polar bears.

Polar Horizon




Then it would be a fabulous experience to challenge ourselves in the Amazing Amazon while we did have a definitely different experience with other children in the Fun Zone. The Mt.Walrus brought us to visit the funny walruses and sea lions at Mt. Walrus.

Thrilling Walrus Splash, highly recommended in hot summer


The Mt.Walrus brought us to visit the funny walruses and sea lions at Mt. Walrus. Finally, the Ocean Parade and other performances around the Hengqin Ocean gave us a perfect finale for our day trip to Chimelong Ocean Kingdom.

Ocean Parade 


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