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Tianjin Old City Museum

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Want to take a walk in Tianjin city one hundred years ago? Enjoy spending some time exploring traditional Chinese culture but don’t feel like spending a ton on the tour? I got a perfect place for you. Old City Museum.

The entrance ticket is not much expensive, every penny you spend is totally worth it. Its front isn’t much to look at, but when tourist see that board hung on the top of the gate, they would definitely come in and take a look. that Stepping in, an elegant atmosphere with a touch of primitive feeling is embracing you.

Tianjin Old City Museum is situated in a traditional residential building named Xujia Da Yuan(Xujia Big Mansion). It was open to the public on 23 December, 2004, the day of 600 years birthday of the city. It is the only well-preserved quadrangle courtyard in the urban areas of Tianjin. Built in early period of Republican China, it covers an area of 2400 square meters.

According to a famous folk custom expert in China, as the cradle of the Tianjin city, it contains rich local folks culture as well as some culture essences. Near the entrance gate there is a tea lounge with really nice tea and some traditional Chinese performances such as Peking Opera and stand-up comedies. If you are in no rush, it would be a great idea to take a sip and enjoy some shows. In the middle of the yard grow some mushrooms instead of some flowers, another way telling people this is a place with history.

The museum displays over 3600 pieces of old city artifact that is all donated from the local residents. The construction style adopts traditional Chinese small type yard design, with cyan bricks and hard peak. The whole building is situated in the north and facing the south. In the axis of the building, there are three sets of yards with archery site on both east and west side.

For me, it is more like small library of all the cool stuff and gadgets. Official weights used in Ming dynasty for grain weighing at the wharf, light box made of rosewood, boundary tablet in Jiangsu province, refrigerator from the period of the Republic of China, thread-bound book talking about Tianjin folks custom, old record, wooden pot lid, and other interesting items.Here inside the museum, every brick, every piece of wood carving and every stone tablet, all have a beautiful and touching stories. Sadly I don’t have enough time to hear them all. Maybe some other time.

The second yard displays a sand table of the old city and some cultural objects from smuggling. If you want to take a whole look of the old city layout, sand table is perfect for you. It depicts a lifelike picture of the old city. In the third yard, tourists can see photos of different kinds gate piers. Even alone from those pictures, you can get a general idea of the giant gap between the rich and the poor at that period. 

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