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Tiantong National Forest Park

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Tiantong National Forest Park is such one beautiful historical culture and scenic attraction at the state level that is composed of a thick forest, old temples, strange stones, the cloud and mist, waterfall and stream. Tiantong Temple is located at the bottom of Taibai Mountain in Jinzhou District. It's known throughout the world for Buddhist Country of the Southeast.

Tiantong National Forest Park with two specific characteristics of the ancient temple and dense jungle. Tiantong National Forest Park is not only a famous tourist attraction, but also a base for science education of ecological botany. Tiantong National Forest Park combined beautiful natural scenery with the history humanities antiquities, which formed three passes and ten scenic sights. Among which the Linglongtianzao is the most famous one.

Walking up the trails made of marble on the right side of the temple into the stone tablet building of Tiantong forest park, ascending the stairs along the mountain path made of marble, you could enjoy the fresh air and appreciate the beautiful scenery along the way there. It would be advisable to begin your ascent from the mountainous path as on this route scenic sites are galore, greeting the eye every step of the way from left and right. The path winds along mountain ridges.

The Linglongtianzao is marked by picturesque caves, grotesque rocks and dangerous peaks, with elegant shape and exquisite workmanship as if made in heaven. There is the wood of deep green on the hillside. With the luxuriant tree groves and the hillsides covered in fern, visitors here are greeted with picturesque scenic sites that will long remain in their memory.

Climb to the Feilai Peak and you could get a bird's eye view of the whole curvaceous peaks and Tiantong Temple, and you could even go rock climbing in the end of stone steps to the top of Taibai Peak. From up here, you can give a full view of the wonders of nature including the chain of mountains rippling the gentle curve like the sea in the Tiantong National Forest Park. The place is a relatively fullest development segment of evergreen broad-leaved forest vegetation in Tiantong Forest Park.

It's a pleasant ecological tourist stage and popular science education place. Tiantong National Forest Park is blessed with many places of historic figures and cultural heritage, with distinctive ethnic flavor and profound cultural foundation, and enjoys great fame in China and throughout the world. There're three famous temples like Tiantong Temple, Ayuwang temple and Mituo temple inside the garden, which is indeed rarely seen in the whole country.

Tiantong Temple and Mituo Temple with the magnificent buildings and a long history are blessed with the precious and rare plants, which possess a significant position in the Buddhism boundary of our country and are also quite considerable in Japan and the Southeast Asian countries.

Moreover, there are abundant plant resources inside Tiantong National Forest Park, which had formed the unique and various vegetation communities with a shadowing shroud and of a high stature in the south of the Yangtze River. 

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