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Tianxingqiao Scenic Spot - Very Mysterious

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The Tianxingqiao scenic spot is situated nearly six kilometers downstream of the waterfall at Huangguoshu. This attractive region is having three important areas, namely Tianxing Cave, the stone forest in the water and the 'potted landscape' on water. This beautiful place is characterized by several grotesque formations of limestone, caves, forests, waterfalls, lakes and also the 'Heavenly Star Bridge' called Tianxing Qiao, which is a perfect slab of stone that spans to form a big bridge across the gorge. The Tianxingqiao scenic spot is recognized as a very mysterious as well as spectacular world that provides travelers with an environment ideal for a pleasant hiking environment.

The Tianxingqiao scenic spot stretches all along the banks of River Sancha and on surface of its deep river which covers a total area of approximately 0.19 square kilometers. In this spot, there are several natural rocks as well as landscapes which is fully made of water as well as stones of different shapes and sizes. Through the mountain cliffs, there is a winding flagstone laid path. It passes through trenches, cracks and also curbing of landscapes. Tourists love walking down this stone path. They enjoy it along with viewing the most attractive sights in every direction.

Tianxing Cave
The Tianxing Cave is located in the central part of the Tianxingqiao scenic region. This cave is having a very distinct Karst cave that is fully composed by many chambers that are naturally formed. The Tianxing Cave is very impressive, particularly the four main large stelae which rise from floor to ceiling portion, each one of them is having a height more than twenty meters. it has lot of deposits of Calcium carbonate which created a very abstract landscape of beautiful shapes about the Tianxing cave. In addition, there are lot many man-made sights inside and near the cave that are much attractive as the natural forms. It is perfectly dolled up with brightly colored spotlights that add up more charm to this cave.

Stone Forest in the Water
The stone forest in water is an attractive highlight of Tianxingqiao spot. River Sancha flowing nearly a kilometer from the waterfalls reaches Stone Forest in Water. This Sancha river is fully surrounding the forest and also branches off at this forest, by flowing along the sides and agin joins under it. Here, in this beautiful region, there are many streams that winds forests. It even twists the rocks which is visible above water in forest. Its significant sights consist of Silver-chain Waterfalls, Gathering banyans, Xingxia Flying Waterfalls, Barrier of Root Wall, and Painting of Matted Roots.

Tianxing 'Potted Landscape' on the Water
'Potted Landscape' is situated on Sancha River and along its sides. The reason being the name is that wind and water erosion in fact carved as well as shaped Karst limestone offering shapes of potted plants in different shapes as well as sizes. On them, many plants and trees grow. This offer a perfect appearance just as lifelike potted plants. To walk across Sancha river on the winding stone paths which zigzags through rocky hills is more interesting.

Travel Tips
The waterfall area appears best from the month of May to October. 

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