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Tickets of Taiwan's Scenic Spots

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If you have been Taiwan, you will find the tickets of Taiwan's tourist attractions are rather cheap. Among the tickets areas, the most expensive is the Taipei 101 Tower, 400 Taiwan dollars. While the scenic spots such as Taroko National Park, Keelung Peace Waterfront Park, and Kaohsiung Fokuangshan are free.

This is the ticket of the famous Alishan, in fact, the normal ticket price should be NT $ 200, because I take a bus called“good trip in Taiwan”, and there was a discount, and I just paid NT $ 100, half-price of the ticket.

Visitors should take the train to watch the sunrise in Alishan, NT $ 150 for the round-trip ticket.

Still the famous Sun Moon Lake, there is no door, so there is no ticket. But there is a tourism product around the lake, and the full price of is NT $ 300. This is a boat cruise from 9:00 until 17:00, including four spots, basically covers all the attractions in Alishan. Visitors can freely up and down at each spot, without time limit. The ship's interval is 30 minutes. The boat is a kind of luxury yacht, with nice air-conditioned and video.

The most expensive ticket among Taiwan scenic spots—Taipei 101 Building, 400 Taiwan dollars.

Kaohsiung 85 Building, 150 NT

Taipei Palace Museum, 160 NT

In some smaller area, the ticket is very cheap, most not more than 50 NT. This is the ticket of Port Bridge in Manchurian, Taiwan's Kenting area, 10 NT.

Chikan Tower is the most representative monuments in Tainan, originally built in 1635, 50 NT.

Anping Tree House, still in Tainan, 50 NT

Anping Old Fort, also known as Fort Zeelandia, the oldest monuments in Taiwan, as well as the birth place of Taiwan, 50 NT

Ilan scenic area, Dongshan River Park, no fee, but visitors should pay 50 NT for one-way boat ride along the river, about 15 minutes’ journey.

There is a Lanyang Entertainment in Dongshan River Park, including a cultural street, as well as song and dance performances.

The most southern part of Kenting—Oluanpi Waterfront Park, 20 NT

We strolled in the night market, later came to Kinmen. This is a travel product launched by the local bus company, a kind of cruise like the Sun Moon Lake, 200 NT, including all 20 sites’ tickets around Jinmen and the travel expenses, and the time is two half-day, full 8 hours. According to our guide, this tour is first launch in Kinmen, and welcomed by tourists. Because it is the promotion, I actual paid only 160 NT!

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