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Tiger Leaping Gorge – Revolves Around A Legendary Tribal Story!

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Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the beautiful canyons in the world and also considered as the deepest one too located in China. Through the gorges of Tiger Leaping flows the Jinsha River.This river is a tributary of Yangtze River.The gorge is situated in the Lijiang city of Yunnan province.From the Lijang city you need to travel 60 kilometer north to reach to this beautiful canyon. From the river shore, the highest peak of Tiger Leaping is about 12, 434 feet height.This will show the magnanimity of the gorge.On the gorge you can see small hamlets, where the tribal community Naxis’ are settled in groups. This community meets their living expenses by working as tourist guides and also by grain production.

The Canyons are beautiful:

The gorge is laying between the mountains Jade Dragon and Haba, both are Snow Mountains. The steep angles of gorges are 70-90 degrees.The gorge is divided in to three sections. Those who are interested to go for hiking, this is one of the best locations in China, where you can test your hiking skills and body fitness.The location is so virgin, uninhabited and really tough to negotiate add up the galore of the expedition.The beauty of the landscape is beyond imagination.

Trekking is challenging:

Trekking is the most recommended activity once you are at Tiger Leaping Gorge.So if you are planning for a trip to Tiger Leaping Gore, make sure to carry the best trekking gears, skid free shoes and other accessories. From Lijiang you can have regular bus service and also private tourist buses to the trail.There are lots of hostel and guest houses available at Lijiang.

You can spend a day or two at Lijiang and get adjusted with the climate before moving to the trail.Most of the hostels are having tourist bus arrangements, hence it is very much convenient to plan your trip. You can leave your bags and belonging at hostel for a nominal keeping fee. These arrangements will help you to trek freely on the trail with a camera in your hand.The entry fee is CNY 65 per head and students need to pay only CNY 25 per head.

High trail and low trail:

For trekking there are two trails, the low trail and the high trail.The low trail is relatively easy to trek and can be completed in a day.The high trail is the recommendedone to enjoy the rigorous trekking experience. Surprising sceneries are the major attraction of the high trail.It needs two days to complete the trekking. The trail starts from Qiaotou and ends at Walnut Grove.You can go beyond this point to Daju and Baishuitai which are extremely tough to negotiate.There will be small guest houses in between the trails.

Trek during the best season:

The best season to visit Tiger Leaping Gorge is during May to June.However, since you are planning for a high altitude trekking, it would be good to check with the guest house about the weather conditions. The night will be always very cold and day time will be warm.Carry layered cloths to protect you from the extreme cold condition during night. The guest houses on the trail way will charge you CNY 40 per night for a shared room or dormitory. The guest houses don't have heating arrangements but a good blanket do the job.Trekking is fun if you are mentally prepared to face the challenges!

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