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Tiger Park - World’s Large Siberian Tiger Zoo

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For Chinese, tiger is a symbol for auspiciousness. It stands for justice, boldness and majesty. Even since ancient times, Chinese already started using tiger figures for military use, they carved an image of tiger with gold on Commander’s seal, known as the “Tiger Seal”. Superstitious people believe people born with Chinese Tiger Sign could keep their house safe and keep away from ghosts and being haunted. I am not going to tell you about tiger culture today. Time to cut to the chase!

I took a trip to Tiger Zoo about a white ago. It was the largest Siberian Tiger breeding base with over 200s tigers from different ages. Anyone who has visited the zoo praised it to be the "Heaven of Tiger". Tiger Zoo is situated in northern shore of Songhua River, covering an area of 1.5 million square meters. The Siberian tiger is the world's largest cat and lives in eastern Russia and parts of China and North Korea. As an endangered species, Chinese government has already been included in it national a class protection the animal list.Even if it’s a sealed garden, you can still feel strong sense of tigers in the wild.The design was all about tigers too, like entrance gate and other small stuff.

To guarantee tourists safety, we had to take protective tour bus. It felt amazing moving through tiger crowds. King of the jungle was just a few meters from me. They looked just like a big cat in normal situations. Better not drive them crazy. It was kinda sad seeing king of the jungle trapped in this limited space, it’s big alright, but far from freedom. They should be out in the forests an enjoy their own lives, not some “perfect life” created by almighty humans. Again, survival of the fittest. Poor tigers.

Tigers were everywhere, all was busy with their only business, walking, running, playing, napping. It’s fun to see so many tigers were together in peace given the fact that tigers tend to be solitary creatures. Besides mating and breeding, every tiger need a big space of their own. Change can be ugly and really tough, especially when you are forced to change. But once you pass through that phase, it’s all good. Just like those tigers. They seemed to be happy now, that’s all that mattered. So not only people change, animals change too. The world is a changing place indeed.

Afraid of the tigers couldn’t survive in the wild in the future, the zoo stuff give them wild training once for a while. Visitors can pay around $6 to geta live chicken tied to a stick, with which they could throw to tigers and then watch they tear poor chickens into pieces. Personally I wouldn’t recommend this, way too cruel. People really should be made aware of the need for keeping the tigers and the forestalive.

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