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Tips for Dining in Guangzhou

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Chinese food has always been increasingly popular in the west, but dining in China is becoming more creative with some of the most chic restaurants with the coolest themes. Guangzhou has always been known as the place to eat in China and many new and upcoming restaurants can be found all around Guangzhou. Surprisingly enough these restaurants all serve western cuisine that has been altered to suit the taste of Chinese customers. Nevertheless the dishes are still delicious!

Orient Express French Restaurant

Oh là là a genuine French restaurant in Guangzhou with the most eye catching exterior! The Orient Express French restaurant not only brings with it its exquisite French cuisine but you can also experience the romantic French atmosphere. What makes the restaurant so appealing is that the restaurant is in the form of a train carriage and is decorated using the finest décor and there is no better way to enjoy good food surrounded by romantic amour. The owners are a Chinese and French couple, Jean-Marc and his wife Bing.


No.1 North Shamian Street
Shamian Island
Guangzhou, China


Over the past few years has seen the uprising of organic products and healthy eating across the world. Guangzhou’s VLife is the place to head if you’re looking for the ultimate organic gourmet! Although organic produces are known to be more expensive, VLife’s dishes are very reasonable and there is even a range of organic wines on offer. The menu has a great variety of soups, salads with flavors from around the world. The restaurant environment is simple and chic making your dining experience all the more relaxing and enjoyable.


16 Huacheng Avenue
Zhujiang New Town
Guangzhou, China

Café 107

Café 107 is the best place to visit if you’re looking for a relaxing spot to enjoy a cup of coffee in a cozy coffee house. The café has a quiet and carefree atmosphere and is a good place to rest and escape from the busy bustling city. Apart from a good range of coffee and beverage delights there is a delicious list of pastas and mouth watering pizzas and grilled sandwiches. The food has been praised for its use of fresh ingredients and is popular amongst locals for its great service and delightful treats!


Tianhe District
1 Tianhe North Street, Shop 107
Guangzhou, China 

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