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Tips for Hiking at Motuo

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Deep in the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, there is a holy land where sacred lotus bloom called Motuo. Motuo, this secret, mysterious, dangerous, exciting and thrilling place full of plateau, high mountains, snow mountains, deep valley, waterfalls, rain forest, landslides, leeches, mysterious Mengba people, all these have made Motuo the number one hiking route in China. Although difficult, Motuo has become the ultimate dreamy destination for hikers and explorers.

For expedition at Motuo, courage is not enough. Full preparation, physical healthy body, common sense for outdoor hiking and teamwork spirits play a very important role in the long hiking travel at Motuo. To successfully finishing a perfect footing travel at Motuo, a 9 days’s route is highly advised. Now here are some specific tips for the exploration at Motuo.

At this period of time, Motuo is open to the outside world. September is a best choice because rain season has passed with relatively less leeches. Other times of a year, heavy snow will block normal travel routes to Motuo.

Detailed routes:

Day 1 Paixiang(派乡) - Songlingkou(松林口) Walking 18 kilometers


Accommodation and food are available at Paixiang.
Get your last purchase of necessities at Songlingkou, like raincoat, canned foods, gaiters, flashlights, knife, instant noodles, compressed biscuits, cigarettes and so on.
You can hire a porter here for helping you carrying your package, the normal price is 15 - 20 RMB per kilogram a day. But more importantly, porters there are experienced guids for the traveling.

Day 2: Songlinkou(松林口) - Duoxiongla Mountain(多雄拉山) - Lage(拉格) Walking 20 kilometers

It is quite difficult to climb across the mountain pass of Duoxiongla Mountain because it has a altitude of 4,221 meters. You may have some physiological reactions to the high altitude, to may ran into unforeseen bad weather. But the natural scenery along the way is very beautiful.
Accommodation and food are provided at Lage camp.
Do not stay too long at the mountain pass of Duoxiongla Mountain. It is very cold there. Wear warm and cold-proof clothes ahead.
Weather will become bad in the afternoon, so you have to pass the mountain pass before 1:00 pm of the day.

Day 3: Lage(拉格) - Great Cave(大岩洞) - Hanmi(汗密) Waling 30 kilometers
This route will be difficult. Roads are slippery ane wet. Get a bamboo or branch as your walking stick for help.
When getting close to Hanmi, leeches are quite active there. Be careful and walk quick.

Day 4: Hanmi(汗密) - Laohuzui(老虎嘴) - Ani Bridge(阿尼桥) Walking 15 kilometers
When walk through Loahuzui, road is unpleasantly narrow and dangerous. Be focus and cautious.

Day 5: Ani Bridge(阿尼桥) - Liberation Bridge(解放大桥) - Beibeng(背崩) Walking 23 kilometers

Day 6: Beibeng(背崩) - Yarang(亚让) - Motuo(墨脱) Walking 30 kilometers
You can visit Renqingbeng Temple at Motuo, but it may takes another 4 hours.

Day 7: Motuo(墨脱) - 113K - 108K Walking 32 kilometers

Day 8: 108K - 80K Walking 28 kilometers
Be careful of collapse and landslides along this route.
When clothes get wet, change them in case of a cold.

Day 9: 980K - 52K - Bomi(波密) Walking 46 kilometers
Bomi is the end of this footing travel.

Other Tips for Travel:

Equip yourself with clothes that are warm, waterproof, insect and leech repellent.
There are places for accommodation through the travel, no need carrying tent by yourself.
Goods are of high prices at some places, so carry some supplementary foods in your backpack.
Never go there alone. In a group of 5-8 person are the best.
It is better to hire a porter for guide.

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