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Tips for Visiting Macau Cheoc Van Beach

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Cheoc Van Beach in Macao is located in the southern point of Luwan, with the excellent surroundings, leaning against the hill and facing the sea. Once within the beach, a broad stretch of lowly spacious coast lay before the eyes of the people. Cheoc Van Beach is referred to as the Great Bay under Heaven for its gentle, broad and beautiful white and pristine sandy beach with clear blue water. 

Cheoc Van Park is beside the beach that occupies a ground space of 4,000 square meters including many refreshment rooms, the changing rooms and swimming pool with an irregular shape, with the inmost depths of about 3 m. Warm prompt: the swimming pool opens from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m each day, and the extension of Saturday closing time to 12 pm.

There's the Water Sports Centre near the beach, and special staffs would train driving the canoe and sailboat. Zhuwan garden over Zhuwan district is nestling at the foot of the mountains. Apart from the original trees, houses, small bridges and the path rail are all acquired the necessary material locally, set up with pines.
All of the things can be well integrated with natural surroundings, simple and natural. The plants are widely distributed throughout the garden, with the green and verdant landscape. There's one little brook flowing through the park. We stroll through and watch the garden landscape along the winding path in a casual and relaxed way.

Zhuwan hotels with its back against the foothills and facing the beach are an admirable place to come to for relaxation and rest. Along with the vigorous push and constant strengthening of the development-oriented policy, the local people have built many beach hotels for holiday in the Portuguese style around Zhuwan Beach. There's a profusion of small cottages inside the park. You could even stay inside the room and enjoy the sea with the charming scenes.

Top Tips:

1. Browse through the website: before takeoff and view a three-dimensional streetscape map, it can be helpful to know the general directions.

2. It's very convenient to have one riding with a very fair price in Macau. Fares ranged from RMB 2.40 to RMB 

3.20. People who would like to have a riding should always keep the local coins. Buses in Macau are all self-service ticketing. It's very expensive to get a taxi, starting the minimum fare of a taxi about RMB 12.0. 

4. Here you could use MOP, Hong Kong dollar and RMB in Macau. We recommend that you might go to the bank to exchange money.

5. The hotels, being relatively large, all had free shuttle buses to the access.

6. The accommodation in Macau is usually more costly, friends who want to take a trip would better make a room reservation in advance, or you could also choose to apply entry visa two times, and lived in Zhuhai in the evening.

7. Try to avoid choosing visiting on Saturday and Sunday especially the "golden week" holidays, you might waste a lot of time on things like queuing up that have no importance.

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