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Tips to Explore the Classic and Exotic Guangzhou 2

 2017-02-08    CiCi    Tours    Guangzhou    1829  

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

The first stop of our next day tour was Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, another well-known commercial street in Guangzhou.

Consisting of Shangjiu Road, Xiajiu Road and Dishipu Road these three parts, the street is notable for its unique Lingnan architectural style, Xiguan folk customs, commercial and cultural ambience. Featuring the characteristics of European and Chinese styles, all the shops here are Qilou (a building structure of South-China’s construction style). It should be mentioned that prices here are generally lower than Beijing Road Pedestrian Street. But visitors have to haggle prices with the local shoppers there because they will always start with a very expensive price.



Add: Shangxiajiu, Liwan District, Guangzhou
Transportation: Take Metro Line 1, then get off at Changshou Lu Stop and get out through Exit A, and then walk straight for about 2 minutes, then turn left, you will see the Street.

Chen Clan Academy

We then strolled around the Chen Clan Academy, having a look at the elegant and complicated sculptures of Chen Family.

Built in 1894 of the Qing Dynasty by the joint-venture of all the Chens in the province, it was originally used as a residence for the Chens' children when they came to Guangzhou to take part in the imperial examinations. But after the system was abolished, it became the family's academy. The buildings themselves are art works, which are highly praised by many architects from all over the world.



Add: 7th Zhongshan Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou
Transportation: Take Metro Line 1, then get off at Chen Clan Academy Stop and get out through Exit D, you will see the Square on your right.


Shamian Island

The next attraction of this day trip was Shamian Island, where is the most exotic attraction having different atmosphere and tempo of life compared to other places in Guangzhou.

Wandering on this 0.3 square kilometers island, we felt like we were in a small town in Europe, with no busy traffic but only the quite and beautiful environment and the relaxing cafes and bars.



Add: Shamian Street, Liwan District, Guangzhou
Transportation: Take Metro Line 1, then get off at Huangsha Stop and get out through Exit D, and then walk across the Passenger Foot-bridge, you will see the Island on your right.

Taigucang Wharf

The last stop of the tour was the renovated Taigucang Wharf featuring exotic European-style architectures, a fascinating waterscape, clubs, and many other attractions. A fab place to enjoy afternoon tea with gentle breeze and captivating sunset.

The renovation has transformed Taigucang into a creative commercial space on the waterfront with multiple functions, including history exhibition, art industry promotion, yacht commerce, leisure and sightseeing.



Add: Haizhu District, Guangzhou
Transportation: Take Metro Line 8, then get off at Fenghuang Xincun Stop and get out through Exit A, and then transfer public bus No.995 at Fenghuang Xincun Bus Stop, then get off at Taigucang Bus Stop, and then walk straight for 5 minutes, you will see the Wharf on your left.

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