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Tongli Ancient Town travel tips

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Surrounded by water,Tongli ancient town is divided into seven small islands by 15 river,at the same time,the 49 bridges string the islets as a whole.Standing by the water,known for the water and bridges,Tongli ancient town is currently the best preserved ancient town in Jiangsu Province and has been listed as one of the major thirteen scenic of Taihu .

Food in Tongli Ancient Town
There are many famous food in Tongli,such as the champion hoof, where shrimp cake, three wire spring rolls, sesame paste and eel with whitefish, perch, mandarin fish, turtles and other freshwater rivers and lakes cooked dishes.Aquatic plants like wild rice, celery, Brasenia, Ling, lotus root, Mainz Regardless, all have distinctive local characteristics.Snacks have socks at the end cakes, mince honey cake, Mainz treasure cake, Youth League, Min cakes, lard cakes, chicken rice, big meat, bread, fermented glutinous rice cake, malt collapsed cake, smoked fish and others.Visitors can go to the centuries-old shop Masutaka sauce, Gu Xiang Village, South Park restaurant to taste.

Shopping in Tongli Ancient Town
Tongli is rich in aquatic products, aquatic products and native products are the main components of shopping.If you want go shopping , it’s a good chioce go to Ming Qing Street, where there are authentic champion hoof sold.You can not miss Tongli fermented rice cake and jitou rice.

Nightlife in Tongli Ancient Town
Tongli has a very exotic nightlife.The nightlife in tongli is very different with the night in the city.Walking alone in the dim night market street, looked up at the moon, hear your footsteps, step on quartzite, is a unique experience.

Travel Tips in Tongli Ancient Town
Joint ticket:80 yuan (Visit the old town district, garden retreat, galleries, Luoxing Zhou, turquoise Gordon Park, Pearl Tower Court, Chen Qubing residence, antiquity Park)
Town district Admission: 25 yuan (can explore the old town district and worship of the Church, Jiayin Hall, farming music Hall, South Park Teahouse)
Package: Low season 40 yuan season 50 (town area + retreat Park)
Package: 35 yuan (town area + pearl Tower)

Address: Tongli Ancient Town,Wujiang,Jiangsu province


Opening time:7:30am―17:15pm

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