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Tongshan Lake Forest Park in Henan

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Tongshan Lake Forest Park is the home of an abundance of wild animal and plant resources, which is extremely unusual in Henan Province. Tongshan Lake Forest Park is so beautiful as to be praised as the Henan provincial plant specimens pool. The forest park has gathered the mountains, stones, waters, woods and cultural landscape merging into one organic whole.

The scenic spot is characterized by its "grand, wonderful, graceful, dense and secluded" sceneries, which possesses the combination of the distinct identities in the north and the typical flavor south of the Yangtze. Tongshan Lake Forest Park is located within the Territory of Miyang County in Zhumadian City in the central southern part of Henan Province, which is about 20 kilometers to the east of Miyang county town, 411 Highway passing by along the northern shore.

The scenic spot had been listed as the provincial-level scenery district of well-known scenic spot by the provincial government in 1994, covering an area of around 1,966 hectares. Tong Mountain as the renowned mountain in Southern Henan that has gathered the grand, wonderful, vicious, graceful and secluded sceneries merging into one organic whole was erected on the eastern edge of the lake.

Tong Mountain is situated in the confluence of these two large mountain ranges between Mountain Funiu and Mountain Tongbai. The Huai River and Han River could go by different roads. Inside the Tongshan Lake Forest Park, the forest could stretch for miles along the mountains; the water could run along the forest; the forest stands into the water; the stones are scattered over the succession of mountain ranges.

The beauty spot is the haunt of these birds and beasts. The plants and flowers are dotted around it here and there. The mountain forest and crystal rocks, birds and beasts, flora and fauna could add radiance and beauty to each other. They are so vivid and beautiful that tourists feel as if they were right on the scene with the spectacular, gorgeous, fresh, secluded, harmonious and mysterious scenery.

The surface of the lake with the excellent quality of water accounts for 820 hectares. There's a series of small islands in the lake, as of the green boats on the green and rippling lake. Visitors vied with one another in going by the ships so as to climb the island and visit scenic spots. The Loch Ness Monster that is circulated among many witnesses is said to be haunted at usually irregular intervals, which could give visitors the strong temptation.

On the southern shore of the lake are the endless forests for hundreds of miles. The loblolly pine seed production stands, reputedly more than 20 years old, tall and stocky, which could look solemn and respectful. Many pavilions are half-hidden behind green leafy trees.

Here visitors could take a deep breath of sweet piney air and gazed out over the sparkling lake, enjoy the colorful life in riotous profusion to our heart's content. Tong Mountain is the important borrowed landscape of Tongshan Lake Forest Park. 

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