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Top 10 Cycling Routes in China - Part 3

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No. 3 Shanghai --Urumqi (上海--乌鲁木齐)

Cycling routes: Shanghai 上海市→Wuxi (无锡市) →Nanjing南京市 →Hefei (合肥市) →Xinyang (信阳市) →Nanyang (南阳市)→Xi'an (西安市) →Pingliang (平凉市) →Lanzhou(兰州市) →Wuwei (武威市)→Jiuquan (酒泉市)→Jiayuguan City(嘉峪关市) →Liuyuan Town(柳园镇) →Xingxingxia Town (猩猩峡镇)(Xinjiang) →Luotuo Quanzi Town(骆驼圈镇) →Kumul(哈密市)-Turpan(吐鲁番市) →Urumqi(乌鲁木齐)
Difficulty: 5 star
Popularity: 3 star
Scenery: 3 star
Distance: 3,900km
Duration: 40 --55 days
Best time for cycling: May --June, October --November

Reason:Shanghai is the economic, financial, trade heart of China, and one of the most prosperous cities and the busiest container port in the world. From Shanghai to Urumqi, from southeast to northwest, from water towns to deserts, the cycling route allows the cyclists to experience the contrast of natural and human environments.

No. 2 Chengdu --Shangri-La(成都--香格里拉)

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Cycling routes: Chengdu (成都市) →Dujiangyan(都江堰市) →Xiaojin County (小金县) →Danba County(丹巴县) →Xinduqiao Town(新都桥镇) → Litang County(理塘县) →Daocheng County(稻城县) → Xiangcheng County( 乡城县)→Shangri-La County (香格里拉县) →Lijang City( 丽江市)→Luguhu Town (泸沽湖镇) →Yanyuan County(盐源县)→Xichang(西昌市) →Ya'an(雅安市 )-Chengdu(成都市)

Difficulty: 4 star
Popularity: 4 star
Scenery: 5 star
Distance: 1,500km
Duration: 20 --30 days
Best time for cycling: May, September --October
Reason: Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province, is one of the best-known cities in China for its pleasant weather, natural scenery and spicy cuisine. Shangri-La, an ethnic-Tibetan town in northwest Yunnan Province, is considered a hidden paradise of spectacular landscapes and ethnic culture. Of the routes on the list, this route has the most stunning scenery.

No. 1 Chengdu-Lhasa (成都-拉萨)

Cycling routes: Chendu(成都市)-Yaan(雅安市)-Kangding(康定县)-Litang-Batang(理塘县)-Kangmang(芒康县)-Zuogong(左贡县)-Basu(八宿县)-Bomi(波密县)-Linzhi-(林芝县)-Gongbujiangda(工布江达县)-Lhasa(拉萨)
Difficulty: 5 star
Popularity: 5 star
Scenery: 5 star
Distance: 2100km
Duration: 25–30 days
Best time for cycling: May, June, September-October
Reason: Lasa is labeled as one of the most dreamed-about destinations around the world. The cycling route from Chendu to Lhasa is the most popular one for bicycle lovers entering Tibet. The blue sky, boundless desert, green meadows and snow-wrapped mountains present travelers the true beauty of the nature and bring the true peace of mind.

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