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Top 10 Hiking Routes in China - Part 2

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Part 2

Top 5: Daocheng (稻城)

It was ever considered the last Shangri-la in China, with charming landscapes, especially Yading of Daocheng. Yading’s beautiful scenery seems to go out of this world. The route is from Daocheng County(稻城县) to Yading (亚丁), passing by Sera (色拉), lasting 3 days.
Hiking route: Daocheng County(稻城县)-Sera (色拉)-Yading (亚丁)
Difficulty: 6.5/10
Scenery: 4 star
Duration: 3 days

Top 4: Kailash Peak (岗仁波齐)

Kailash Peak is honored as the holy mountain in Tibet. It attracts more people going there every year. . Hiking Kailash Peak is, in fact, walking around the mountain. It lasts 3 days, passing by Qugu Temple (曲古寺), Zherepu Temple (哲热普寺)and Zunzuipu Temple (尊最普寺). The greatest difficulty is the weather in plateau. Also it’s advisable to avoid the rushing crowds of pilgrims.
Hiking route: Dajin (大金)-Qugu Temple (曲古寺)--Zherepu Temple (哲热普寺)-Zunzuipu Temple (尊最普寺)
Difficulty: 7/10
Scenery: 5 star
Duration: 3 days

Top 3: Three Gorges (三峡)

There are no exact words that can describe the beauty of the Three Gorges. It is all portrayed in poems of Chinese most famous poets like Libai, Dufu, etc. The scenery is a combination of magnificence, elegance and dynamic. You name it, it gets it. Hiking through the area will enable you to explore the beauty of the nature fully. Although it is not located in high elevation area, it is still full of risk, so hikers need to make a full preparation.
Hiking route: no settled routes, varies with individuals
Difficulty: 8/10
Scenery: 5 star
Duration: depends on the route

Top 2: Mount Everest (珠穆朗玛峰)

Although every one wants to climb the highest mountain in the world, however as the difficulties will be unimaginable, so not every one could do it. If you determine to hike the mountain, you’d better start from Dingri (定日),and finish at Laodingri(老定日).
Hiking route: Dingri (定日)-Laodingri(老定日)
Difficulty: 9/10
Scenery: 5 star
Duration: 2 days

Top 1: Motuo (墨脱)

Motuo might be the best place to hike as it is the only one county of China where has no road to it. The name Motuo in Tibetan means hidden lotus. It is especially loved by professional hikers for the beautiful landscapes and unique customs. The whole route is 80 kilometers, from Paixiang (派乡) to 80K(name of a small town). It passes through Lage (拉格), Ani Bridge (阿尼桥), Badengze (巴登则), Motuo (墨脱), Damu (达木). You will be facing with lots of difficulties, like altitude stress, terrible weathers and harsh conditions. It will be a great challenge for hikers’physcial strength, will power and wisdom.
Hiking route: Paixiang (派乡)-Lage (拉格)--Ani Bridge (阿尼桥)--Badengze (巴登则)--Motuo (墨脱)--Damu (达木)—80K
Difficulty: 10/10
Scenery: 5 star
Duration: 9 days

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