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Top 10 Restaurants in Xian Part 1

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Touring the  historical Xian tasting the delicious local Shaanxi cuisine is a must. Xian is  famous for its mutton dishes and noodles which is satisfyingly tasty. To make  your gourmet journey of Xian a bit easier we’ve put together the top  restaurants that tourists to Xian highly recommend.

No. 1 Lao Sun Jia Restaurant
Average cost per person 80 – 100 Yuan



Xian Lao Sun Jia  Restaurant was established in 1898 during the Qing Dynasty and is famous for  its Yangrou Paomo, Halal Cuisine and Shaanxi snacks. In 1993 Lao Sun Jia was honored  as a China Time-honored Brand and its Yangrou Paoma was listed as one of China’s  most famous snacks. Lao Sun Jia is a family run business and currently has several  branches in Xian.

Address: Muslim  Street, Beiyuan Gate, Lianhu District, Xian

No.2 Jia San Steamed Buns
Average cost per person 80 – 100 Yuan

Jia San Steamed  Buns (baozi) are popular amongst the local Muslim community and tourists to  Xian. The steamed buns are filled either with mutton or beef and soup. There  are also a wide range of steamed dumplings and buns with different fillings. 

Address: No.93 Beiyuan  Gate, Lianhu District, Xian

Opening Hours:  8:00AM – 10.30PM

No.3 Xian De Fa Chang Restaurant
Average Costs 80-100 Yuan



Xian De Fa Chang  Restaurant was established in 1936 and is also a China Time-honored Brand. The restaurant is most famous for its Dumpling Banquet and soup dumplings. The Dumpling  Banquet consists of 200 types of dumplings that come with different fillings  and in all shapes and sizes. Apart from dumplings there is also a range of  delightful dishes to choose from.

Address: No. 122 Moyang  Road, Moyang District, Xian  
Opening Hours:  11:00AM - 9:00PM

No.4 Hai Di Lao Hot Pot City 
Average costs per person: 91 Yuan



Haidilao Hot Pot  is a famous Sichuan Hot Pot chain in China. Hai Di Lao was established in 1994  and has over 20 years experience in the food industry. The brand is well-known  throughout China is praised for its exceptional services and food standards.  There is a range of fresh vegetables, meats and seafood on the menu. There are  also Halal friendly dishes for Muslim customers.

Address: No 486 Yanta South Road,  Yanta District, Xian Telephone: 029-85562863 029-85562865 

Opening Hours: 10:00AM-  4:00AM 

No.5 Redfort Indian Restaurant
Average costs per person: 90 Yuan 



A great  alternative from Shaanxi and Chinese cuisine in Xian is Redfort Indian Restaurant. The restaurant has been praised by many customers for its vegetarian options. Offering a great menu of Indian Cuisine many customers have praised the restaurant for its friendly staff and delicious cuisine. For entertainment there is also a Bollywood dance performance every day.

Address: Silk Road  Street, No.118 Datang West Market, Laodong South Road | India  Building, Silk Road, Da Tang West Market, Lianhu District, Xi'an 

Opening Hours:  11:00AM – 10:00PM


Top 10 Restaurants in Xian Part 2

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