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Top 4 Folk Activities during Chinese Lantern Festival

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1.Watching Lanterns

Watching Lanterns is a traditional activity beloved by Chinese during the Lantern Festival.It is still popular, entertainment now.

Watching Lanterns is an important activity of the Lantern Festival. On the 15th day of the Lunar New Year, there are all kinds of interesting activities holding in the temple fair, main street and parks.Thousands of lanterns will light the night,like the stars in the sky which is a happy and peaceful scene.

2. Playing Lantern Riddles


Playing Lantern Riddles is one of the classic folk activities during the Lantern Festival,also the unique holiday entertainment.

This tradition can date back to the Warring States period.The court poets create a "context riddle,"to show their talent in their party.They recite poems and drink at the same time which is very fun.

Today,it has become a national custom.People gather together to solve the lantern riddles for good luck and blessing for the New Year.

3.Eating Yuanxiao

Yuanxiao is a kind of glutinous rice ball which has sweet filling in it.It’s a traditional custom eating Yuanxiao in China during the the Lantern Festival.

There are different flavors with different kinds of fillings in Yuanxiao ,such as sugar, rose, sesame, sweetened bean paste, Huanggui, walnuts, nuts, jujube paste and so on.Yuanxiao can be boiled in soup, fried or steamed.It has a meaning of happy reunion.

4. Lighting Fireworks

Lighting Fireworks is the fun activity to celebrate the festival , especially in the Lantern Festival.The colorful fireworks will light up the night sky which is a very beautiful picture. 

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