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Top 5 Attractions in Nanning

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There are two kinds of attractions in Nanning: the scenery sights and the cultural sights. The scenery sights are mainly the variety of parks in the urban area, most of which are free and open to visitors. There’s no need too much time to wonder around the cultural sights, but visitors can be able to understand the history of Nanning. While there are more attractions in the suburb surrounding Nanning City. Here lists some top attractions in and around Nanning City.

1 Detian Waterfalls
Detian Waterfall is located at Shuolong Township, Daxin County, the border of Guangxi and Vietnam. It is a national special attraction. It is the largest transnational waterfall in Asia, while the fourth largest transnational waterfall in world. The scenery of Detian Waterfalls change with the season, beautiful and magnificent!

Detian waterfalls

2 Yangmei Ancient Town
Yangmei Ancient Town is located at the downstream of Zuojiang River. The town is surrounded by the river, about 30 kilometers from the Nanning City, with convenient transportation. Take boat from Nanning, upstream along Yongjiang River, into Zuojiang River, then arrived at the Yangmei Ancient Town, a well-preserved ancient town.

yangmei ancient town

3 Qingxiu Mountain Scenic spot
Qingxiu Mountain is 5 km southeast of Nanning City, on the bank of Yongjiang River.
There is a tall pagoda on the top of the scenic spot, which is well known as the “giant lung of Nanning”. The mountain is covered by all kinds of trees. Thanks to the climate in Guangxi Province, the mountain is green for nearly all the year around. Besides the beautiful landscape, there are some historic sites like Dong Spring and sculpture carved in the Xieqing Cliff.

Qingxiu Mountain

4 The Daming Mountain
Daming Mountain is lying in the northeast of Wuming County, 104 kilometers away from Nanning. The mountain runs from northwest to southeast with 100 kilometers in length and 25 kilometers in width. The main peak of Daming Mountain is the highest peak in south-central Guangxi with an altitude of 1764 meters. Due to the special conditions of topography and clime, there is a large natural ecological system, including more than 1700 species of plants and more than 40 species of animals in the mountain. It is a natural zoological and botanical garden.

Daming Mountain

5  Nanhu Lake Park (South Lake Park)
Nanhu Lake Park is a comprehensive aquatic amusement park combined with water landscape sub-tropical gardens scenery, with the total area of 191.92 hectares, of which land area of 90.12 hectares of water area of 101.8 hectares. There are Ling Mingrui and Wei Baqun Baise Uprising Museum, bonsai garden, orchid garden, flower garden, children's playground, water amusement and other recreational facilities. There is also Nanhu Square, famous tree Exposition and other attractions around the park. It is a good place for tourists sightseeing, as well as an important place to hold the cultural activities in major festivals.

Nanhu Lake Park

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