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Top 5 China Apps for China Travels

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If you’ve gotten your paws on an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you’ve likely added lots of useful apps to it. You might, however, have overlooked the fact that there are lots of apps – many by Chinese developers – that you can use daily to help find your way around, speak the language, or get information.
I’ve chosen 5 China-relevant apps, most of which are free. Some of the free apps might be not quite so good as some pricey alternatives – eg: I’ve opted for the free DianHua dictionary over the $5 QingWen one. If you have any other app recommendations, share them in the comments.

Aibang Trains

This free app seems to be the best way I can find of searching national train times, and allows you to search by train number, or by departing and arrival stations. Very useful for checking that you can get where you need to go on the new ‘D trains’ (aka: bullet trains) as quickly as possible. The only downside to this app is that it requires you to be online, with either wi-fi or 3G.

If you have a QQ number, then this official app from Tencent is the best way to use it online (since the awesome multi-IM apps, like Meebo and Nimbuzz, don’t support QQ).


Nowadays, Wechat, one of the official apps from Tencent, has become famous in China, you can online with either a QQ number or a phone number, this app is more convenient than QQ, you can talk to your friend online and keep the records. What’s more, once you want to, you can find some new friends in vicinity with search conditions of men or women only. And the most important thing is that now many young people have tended their attention to the Wechat rather than QQ.

Baidu Map

This is the app that i used most when i was in China, different from Google map, information in Baidu Map is more precise and detailed. It allows for browsing of certain types of places within a vicinity; just enter where you want to start from and which is your destination, you can get a detail routine either go by yourself or take a bus, what’s more, you can also search your nearby shops, banks, foods and some other entertainment places or spots by free.


I rate this as the best free bilingual CN-Eng dictionary. In addition to doing what you’d expect, it’ll also save (or ‘bookmark’) some of your most-needed words or phrases, and allow you to compile flashcards for studying purposes.

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