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Top Destinations for a Fresh Tour around Shanghai

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When early summer comes, a short tour at the weekend to avoid the heat and hustles of the city become popular among those people working and living in Shanghai. Many people may choose a short tour at those neighboring cities like Hangzhou and Suzhou. These cities do have great views, but may still be crowded as they are tourist cities. For a relaxed and fresh tour at Shanghai adjacent areas, here is a list of top destinations.

Hengsha Island
Hengsha Island is one of the located in the east end of Yangtze River mouth. It adjoins Chongming Island in the north and Changxing Island in the west. It is a top destination to avoid from summer heat, relax and leisure for people at Shanghai. Beautiful and pure as Hengsha Island is, it has the most beautiful idyllic landscapes around Shanghai.

You can enjoy the natural scenery of clean and clear rivers, verdant farm land and fruit gardens, the perfect combination of clear sky, blue sea and stretching beach. Or the experience of rural life, fishing with local fishermen, a seafood buffet. At the same time you can also have a great time at those modern entertainment activities like motorcycling, surfing, water parachute and rowing. The peaceful and tranquil environment of Heangsha Island is precious for Shanghai people, even an enjoyment of sunrise at Hengsha Island is quite extraordinary experience.

Fengjing Ancient Town
Fengjing Ancient Town is a famous historical and cultural town. It is located in southwest of Shanghai. This is a typical Jiangnan style water town. Ancient houses with green tiles and white walls, a network of rivers with bridges some even have a history of more than 700 years, the crossed alleys and streets with scattered temples and churches, and the local easy lifestyle, all these are attractive to those people living a busy life. A scroll at the streets in Fengjing, be in a daze along the riverside, a leaning on the bridge, a chat with your friends in a tea house, and try some delicious local snacks, this is should be the most enjoyable and relaxed weekend.

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town
Zhujiajiao Ancient Town is another town around Shanghai City. It is located in suburban of Shanghai. Reputed as “Venice of Shanghai”, Zhujiajiao town has charming scenery of water, river, bridge and ancient houses. There are ancient streets built in Ming and Qing Dynasties, magnificent temples, delicate gardens, and the mountain and lake, all these bring a beautiful picture for you.

Shanghai Dongtan Wetland Park
Shanghai Dongtan Wetland Park is located in Chongming District. It covers a land about 250 square kilometers. Situated in the estuary of Yangtze River, Dongtan Wetland has a great environment for the development of species diversity. It has ultra fresh air, clean river, dense weeds, vast flat mud, and flocks of birds in various species flying under sunshine and glow. A leisure trip to relax at Dongtan Wetland Park is quite pleasant.

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