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Top Destinations to Visit in the Spring of March (Part 1)

 2014-02-24    Selina Ou    Tours    Wuzhen    1377  

When spring comes, ice melts, temperatures goes up, everything wakes up from the cold winter and becomes lively and vivid. Flowers bloom, grass green, birds are singing, it is the best time to go out and start your annual travel. Here is a list of best places to visit in China in March.


As the saying “Heading east for Yangzhou among hazy vernal hues” goes, Wuzhen is a water town locates in the east. And in March, it is the best time to enjoy the unique beauties of the water town. At this classic water town, water, bridges, ancient habitats and green tiles are the main theme. When drifting a small boat to the Xizha which is consisted by 12 small islands and connected by more than 60 small bridges, you will get lost at the water maze. When at hazy days with drizzles, the Wuzhen becomes hazy. A casual wander and a cup of tea, that’s the best pleasant trip.


No one would resist the ultra beautiful Wuyuan at the spring. In March, when flowers compete to bloom, rape flowers never fail behind. And Wuyuan is the best place to enjoy the immense beauty of rape flowers. At this time, Wuyuan has the most attractive village landscapes. The bright groups of rape flowers with the bright yellow color, among which you will see dots of white and pink of the peach flowers decorating the yellow rape flowers. And when sunshine shades down, the surrounded river, bridge and old houses even glitters under the hot yellow color.

Hongcun and She County

You may say Hongcun has best sceneries in all the four seasons. But Hongcun in spring has the most attractive views. Hongcun is famed as “The village in Chinese painting”, its idyllic pastoral scenery, well-preserved village form and layout, exquisite Hui-style houses and rich cultural connotation gain it world-wide reputation. When spring, the lively green water becomes gentle blue which melts the white walls and dark tiles and the green mountains and forests around the village. What special at Hongcun are those ancient houses that are outstandingly featured with the Hui styles. Built in the ancient Song Dynasty to be delicately structured and carved to be elegantly merged into the green spring makes the village unique.

By the way, the She County around Hongcun is also a good place to visit in spring. Especially the enchanting pink peach blossoms collocating with the bright yellow rape flowers give a pleasant visual impact. But all these colors mix with the around ancient Hui-styled architectures to form a unique scenery in the spring.

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