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Top Destinations to Visit in the Spring of March (Part 2)

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Wuhan should be one of the best places to go in March as it has the best view of cherry blossoms at this season. The fascinating pink and white cherry blossoms that are flowering at groups attract tourists and photographers there for the admiration of the beauty of cherry blossoms.

Wuhan University and East Lake are the two scenic spots to enjoy cherry blossoms, especially cherry blossoms at Wuhan University have the grand and romantic view. Besides, there are the splendid Yellow Crane Tower and the magnificent Yangtze River Bridge to enjoy. And, do not forget the delicious local Wuhan snacks at Hubu Lane.

Wuyi Mountain

Spring is a season for mountaineering. And the Wuyi Mountain located in Jiangxi Province is a good destination. As it is situated in south of China, the mountain has become green in March. Renowned by its “magnificence, elegance, peculiarity and steepness”, Wuyi Mountain has been a famous site for mountaineering. Mounted Wuyi Mountain, enjoying the fresh and splendid landscapes of magnificent mountains, elegant forests, peculiar rocks, deep valleys, flying waterfalls and fairy cloud sea, and you will be puzzled whether you are wandering at the fairyland Penglai, or you walking wondering in a heaven palace. Drifting at the Jiuqu River is a must when touring at Wuyi Mountain. Taking a drift at the clear and clean Jiuqu River, with waves scattering and the elegant landscapes on both sides backward with the mountains, you are wandering in a beautiful picture. With those ancient and mysterious trees and rocks on the two shores, the causal drifting becomes an exciting adventure.


Though the beautiful Dali is suitable for all four seasons, Dali at spring has the best scenery. In March, the white and pure snow at Cangshan Mountain, the pure moon at Erhai, the enchanting flowers at Shangguan, and the pleasant wind at Xiaguan have formed the four unique sceneries of Dali. You may amazed at the elegant and lively Cangshan Mountain in the morning and get drunk at the fascinating beauties of Erhai at night when dazzling waves and fancy sunglows shade on Erhai. Erhai, mountain, flower, cloud, blue sky and ancient town, all these factors of Dali are what to enjoy at Dali in March.

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