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Top Popular Bars in Wuhan City

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To relax, to entertain or to meet new friends, a bar is always a great place to enrich your nightlife. When travel to Wuhan City, after enjoy those beautiful landscapes and historic attractions in the day, the attractive Wuhan nightlife comes to the choice at night.

It is said that Beijing has the largest number of bars in China, Shanghai has the most graceful bars, and Wuhan, has the most unique bars. Here is a list of unique and popular bars in the city of Wuhan.

Queen’s Bar
Modern and stylish, vintage and exotic, this Queen’s Bar is decorated in the style of the ancient Egypt combing trendy factors. Not to mention its unique decoration, the excellent performance may get you lost. The melody music may be from a French guitarist, or a warm song from a no-name singer, and the gorgeous dance, these visual and audio feasts may hit your heart and lost in the drink.
Address: No. 82, North Luoshi Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan.

Soho Bar
Soho Bar may be the most popular bar in Wuhan. Soho, a name sounds sentimental and gentle, has brought some freshness to the nightlife of Wuhan. This is a great place to relax by its good atmosphere. The vintage and simple bar counters with wooden chairs, glittering heavy metal with the fancy lights, round dome and thick pillars, but what attracts you more are those unique music from the four small stages in the four corners. Whatever music you like, you will get lost in those beautiful rhythms and the hot dances around people.
Address: No. 156, Yanjiang Road, Hankou District, Wuhan


The uniqueness of Babyface bar lies in the point that it only plays English songs and singers only sing English songs. But they should be the most popular English songs in the world and mainly featured in styles of House and Hiphop.
Address: No.148, Yanjiang Road, Hankou, Wuhan.

Return97 Bar is a quite luxury bar has advance entertaining equipment and decoration. The whole bar is divided into two sections, the Hong Kong area and Macau area. These two sections have different decorations styles and music styles. Hiphop, slow rock or R&B, with creative music shows, brings you into a fantasy world.
Address: 2nd Floor, Xinjiangtan Park, Jiangan District, Wuhan.

VOX LiveHouse
VOX LiveHouse should be the most popular bar among young people. Taking “Voice of Freedom, Voice of Youth” as its logo, this bar dedicates to the new culture and trend of the Youth. Drinks there are sold at a favorable price, but the released power of rock music and the voice from the young people present the altitude and a lifestyle they are pursuing.
Address: 1st Floor, Guoguang Building, No.117, Lumo Road, Wuhan

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