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Top Spectacular Tourist Sites to Visit in Tibet

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If you never ever take the initial to go out for travel and adventure, you’ll never know how many surprises are waiting for you during the journey. Whatever you want from your travel, a trip to the remote yet sacred Tibet will surely meet all your needs. If you are in the right place at the right time, do take the chance to travel to the remarkable Tibet.

In Tibet, you will appreciate and get the most marvelous scenery ever. There are many spectacular Buddhist monasteries with devout pilgrims and sacred circuits. There are vast prairies dotted with crystal alpine lakes and decorated with magnificent mountains. There are mystical and generous Tibetan people with their unique culture. All these highlights from the spiritual and peaceful Tibet will bring you unforgettable experience and memories.

Here let’s get through a list of top spectacular tourist sites that you should not miss out when travel to Tibet.

Namtso Lake

The Namtso that means ‘Heavenly Lake’ in Tibetan is located in 240 kilometers north of Lhasa. Being the highest saltwater lake in the world with an altitude of 4,700 meters and the second largest saltwater in China, Namtso is especially noted for its untouched beauty. Its integrated vista of the crystal blue water joined by the clear sky and the gorgeous Nyenchen Tanglha in the north is really captivating.

Ghading Valley

Ghading Valley is located in Baiyi Town of Nyinchi. The Ghading Valley is featured with typical valley landform that has precipitous mountains and steep cliffs. Because of its mild climate, the valley is covered with lush vegetation and wild flowers are scattered in the bottom of the valley. What’s exciting at Ghading Valley is the Heaven Buddha Waterfall hanging at the left cliff of the valley. The waterfall has a fall of 200 meters and its scenery is very impressive. What’s mystical is the flickering Buddha among the waterfall and this is how the Heaven Buddha Waterfall got its name. When looking up to the sky from the bottom among the intricate mountains, your imagination will be ignited. What amazing vista you will see, it depends on how far your imagination will go.

Ranwu Lake

The Ranwu Lake lying on the 318 National Highway has stunning beauty and it is a turquoise attracting numerous tourists there. The essence of Ranwu Lake lies in its crystal-blue water and tranquility. But the Ranwu Lake is also poetic. Extra colors and charms are provided by the surrounding green grassland and snow peaks. Also the forests, blue sky and soft clouds, the colorful prayer flags, and the dotted nomad’s tents and yaks, all these bring the awe-inspiring scenery.

Basum Lake

Basum Lake is a popular tourist site in Nyingchi. It is renowned for its lush vegetation and extreme clearness. The water in the lake is quite blue and you can see the bottom of the lake easily. You will see fishes swimming in the water, sand gulls, white cranes, and other water-birds flying across the lake. Together with the reflection of the encircled snow-covered mountains and virgin forests, especially the colorful flowers in spring and red leaves in autumn, Basum Lake gets its most highlighted scenery.


Yanjing is a mystical destination in southeast Tibet. In ancient times, Yanjing was the road from Yunnan to Tibet. Now it is the only place in Tibet that has Catholics and Catholic Church. In Yanjing, Naxi people of Dongba, local Tibetans of Buddhism, and Catholics live a harmonious life. Besides the beautiful natural scenery and mysterious local culture, the unique landscape of salt pans in Yanjin is another attraction.

Midui Glacier

The Midui Glacier that is located in Bomi County of Nyingchi in Tibet is one of the six most beautiful glaciers in China. Being the lowest glacier in the world, Midui Glacier attracts tourists there for its giant and pure fascinating glaciers in different shapes. But it is not alone. Here natural features of grand canyons, snow mountains, forests, and lakes are found to add charms to the glaciers. Also villages and diversified biology of wild animals add some vigor to the striking scenery of Midui Glacier.

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