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Top Things to Do in Lhasa

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Lhasa, the holy land for numerous tourists, is a charming and mysterious city to visit. When travel to Lhasa, you will see the oldest temples and monasteries with the most mysterious religion, you will meet devout pilgrims and get to know their mysterious traditions and culture, you will appreciate the unspoiled natural beauty… And there are a lot more to do in Lhasa.

But a Lhasa tour should not be completed if you do not include the following things in your list.

Drink sweet tea at Guangming Gangqiong Sweet Teahouse

Just like you will never miss out drinking tea at a local teahouse in Chengdu and will walk to see the ancient Hutong when in Beijing, spending some casual time at Guangming Gangqiong Sweet Teahouse is also a must-do in Lhasa. Guangming Teahouse gathers people from different positions, and it is a great place to meet people and get deep into the real life of Tibetan people. If you know some Tibetan language, you will gain a lot just by sitting there. Even you do not know the language, drinking tea there is a nice way to relax.


Take photos of Potala Palace from the best angle

The imposing Potala Palace is a must see tourist site when travel to Tibet and you will not want to miss out some beautiful moments of Potala Palace. Generally, the best angle to capture Potala Palace is the observation deck of Yaowang Mountain which stands opposite of Potala Palace. This place helps to remove most of the visual obstacles so that you can take better photos. Also it is the best place to take photos of the stunning night scene of the place.


Make a circuit with devout pilgrims

Circumambulating is a unique holy ritual of Tibetan Buddhism as pilgrims believe that circumambulating brings good fortune. In Lhasa, you will see devout pilgrims making circuit here and there no matter what the weather is. When you are in Lhasa, follow the group and make a circuit to pray for good luck and feel the charm of the mysterious religion.


Watch debate at Sera Monastery

For tourists coming to visit Sera Monastery, one of the three large monasteries in Tibet, would never miss out watching debating, which is a unique event Sera Monastery has. To better comprehension of Buddhist doctrines and further study level, Sera Monastery has developed long tradition of debating. It is very exciting to watch debating. You will see monks in a battle of words with featured gestures, including clapping hands and plucking prayer beads.


Watch starry sky at Namtso Lake

The sacred Namtso Lake that has incredible beauty is a top site to see when travel to Tibet. But for most people who choose to return to Lhasa after enjoyed the great views at daytime would lose the chance to see the fascinating night scene of the starry sky at Namtso Lake. Though the weather condition at night would be much severer at Namtso Lake, the world under the starry sky is so amazing and impressive. Quiet and romantic, the sacred Namtos Lake at night become more charming.

Enjoy Tibetan Food

Enjoy the delicious Tibetan food and local snacks are another must-do in Lhasa. The traditional Tibetan food mainly consist barley, meat and dairy products. Featured food like Zanba, barley wine, butter tea, yoghurt, dried beef, and blood sausage, all these are very tasty and are food must taste in Lhasa.


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