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Top ten cycling routes in China - Part 2

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N0. 6 Beijing -- Mohe (北京--漠河)

Cycling routes: Beijing(北京) →Miyun County(密云县) →Luanping County (滦平县) →Longhua County(隆化县) →Weichang Manchu and Mongol Autonomous County(围场满蒙自治县) →Chifeng City (赤峰市) →Tongliao(通辽市) →Ulan Hot(乌兰浩特市) →Morin Dawa Daur Autonomous Banner(莫旗) →Nenjiang County (嫩江县) →Heihe City(黑河市) →Tahe County (塔河)→Mohe(漠河)

Difficulty: 4 star
Popularity: 3 star
Scenery: 3 star
Distance: 2,800km
Duration: 22 --30 days
Best time for cycling: June --July

Reason: Beijing is the capital of China. It features numerous cultural relics and natural scenery. As the north most point of the country, Mohe is known as "China's Arctic Village" and the "place that never sleeps". Every year around the summer solstice, it is the best place to watch the Northern Lights and White Nights.

NO.5 Kashgar --Lhasa (喀什--拉萨)

Cycling routes: Kashgar City (喀什市) →Kargilik County(叶城县) →Pusa Village(普萨村) →Yigeziyeer County(依格孜亚) →Kangxiwar (康西瓦)→Tianshuihai(甜水海) →Jipu Village (吉普村) →Rutog County(日土县) →Gar County(噶尔县) →Zhongba County(仲巴县) →Saga County(萨噶县) →Lhatse County (拉孜县)→Shigatse(日喀则市) →Lhasa(拉萨市)

Difficulty: 5 star
Popularity: 3 star
Scenery: 4 star
Distance: 2,850km
Duration: 30 --40 days
Best time for cycling: July --August

Reason: Kashgar is an oasis city in the western part of Xinjiang, with Taklamakan Desert in the east, and the Kunlun Mountains and Pamir Mountains in the south and west. Lhasa is the capital of Tibetan Autonomous Region. The cycling journey is thought a tough, difficult experience but provides unique and fantastic scenery at the same time.

No. 4 Around Hainan Island (海南环岛)

Cycling routes: Haikou(海口市) →Lingshan Town(灵山镇) →Sanjiang Town(三江镇) →Wenchang(文昌市) City →Dongjiao Coconut Plantation(东郊镇椰林风景区 )→Bo'ao Town (博鳌)镇→Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden(兴隆热带植物园) →Sanya(三亚市)→ →Wuzhishan(五指山市 )-Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County ( 琼中黎族苗族自治县) →Haikou(海口市)。

Difficulty: 1 star
Popularity: 5 star
Scenery: 5 star
Distance: 650km
Duration: 8 --10 days
Best time for cycling: November --May

Reason: Hainan Island is located in the South China Sea. The island is an ideal place to enjoy the sun and the sea. When other places of the country are shivering in winter, a leisurely cycling trip along the coast will provide you with a warm and comfortable holiday.

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