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Tour to the Pristine Mugetso Lake in Kangding of Sichuan

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Not only the natural beautiful scenery, or the unique local culture and customs, Sichuan has made itself a hot travel destination for tourists when travel to China. While the Western Sichuan has made itself a paradise for photography due to its splendid and changeable views, and the Kangding County in the Western Sichaun gains its fame because of the popular Kangding Love Song. So what a tour to the Mugetso Lake would bring you? Answers are to be found in the following passages.

Mugetso Lake actually refers to the Mugetso Scenic Spot in Yala Township, Kangding County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, including the Mugetso Lake itself. This scenic spot is located deeply among the magnificent Gangga Mountains, having great natural base for its gorgeous landscapes. There are towering snow mountains, numerous glittering alpine lakes and fairy hot springs, verdant meadows, peculiar rocks and cliffs, and lush primitive forests in this scenic spot, making Mugetso Scenic Spot an ideal destination for sightseeing, entertainment, leisure, also for summer resort and science expedition.

Spring is the best time to enjoy a mountain of romantic and bright azaleas at Mugetso, while summer is for a pleasant tour to avoid from the summer heat. Autumn is the time to enjoy the colorful world of red and golden leaves, while winter is for a pure snow world at this area. The Mugetso never bores you in the four seasons with its rich highlighted sites.

Mugetso Lake
Mugetso Lake is also called Yeren Lake. It has an altitude of 3,700 meters and is one of the highest alpine lakes in western Sichuan. Surrounded by the high mountains, dense forests, and luxuriant meadows, and many lakes of different sizes, the Mugetso Lake is like a crystal pearl lying in the middle, shining with colorful views. Its foggy mornings, glittering afternoons and dazzling dawns have made the lake a charming place to travel to.

Seven Color Sea
This is one of the highlighted sites in the Mugetso Scenic Spot. Seven Color Sea gets its name as the lake has a 7 color change according to the sunshine and weather condition. It is a crescent-shaped lake surrounded by pristine forests, meadows and varieties of vegetation. Its clear and crystal water reflect the surrounding mountains and forest to form a peaceful world there.

Azalea Valley
Azalea Valley connects the Seven Color Sea and Mugetso Sea in the east and west. This valley is a radiant belt in the area with groups of azalea flowers in different shapes and postures with the enchanting bright colors.

Gold Beach
The Gold Beach standing alongside Mugetso Lake is praised as Love Beach. It has soft and fine sand in the color of natural golden yellow. It is unique scenery at this high plateau area.

Medicine Springs
At the Mugetso Scenic Spot, there are about 20 springs of different sizes in the spot. These hot springs contain microelements that would do great benefit for human health. Among these springs, there are four springs that are especially outstanding. One spring could be used directly to make tea, one has high temperature that only takes 10 minutes to boil an egg, while the third one is great to cure eye diseases and the last one is great for a foot bath.

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