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Travel Hong Kong Island By Cable Car

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The first time for me to see the cable car was in the Qianmen Street. The cable car’s looking is very old, running through Hong Kong Island, with a bit of retro flavor.

I didn’t reserve hotel for this Hong Kong travel in advance, and started to set off after everything was ready. We went to the Shenzhen Luohu Port first, and then take the metro to Tsim Sha Tsui Station. After having dinner, we strolled along the street and found the interesting cable car. So we decided to take the car and enjoyed it! 


The cable car is two-layer bus, with hard wood seats, no conditioning, but the windows are open, rather cool… what’s more, it is much cheaper than the subway.

All the way we travelled through is the most prosperous area of Hong Kong Island, including Causeway Bay, Happy Valley, and Central Hong Kong. The distance between each station is very short, so it is very convenient. But the car drives in lower speed, and most of the passengers are elderly and tourists.

All the passengers get on the car from the back door and get off from the front door. It is said that the cable car has gone through a century of vicissitudes, but is still an indispensable means of transport in Hong Kong, also a sign of Hong Kong. Maybe this is the Causeway Bay.

The driver was driving, and the front door for passengers to get off is on the left of the driver.

I was sitting in the back of the car, taking photos along the way.

The cable car has to run across to the platform in the middle of the street.

The wooden window frames of cable car

This is the get off door mentioned before.

Through a small staircase, get on the second floor of the bus, where good viewing!

Behind followed by another cable car

The distance between the rails of the cable car is very short, which can test the skill of the driver. 

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