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Travel Tips for Ancient Jianshui

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Jianshui County, is suited in Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, in the south of Yunnan Province and north shore of Red River. Jianshui is an ancient city of great historical and cultural tourism with a long history of 1,200 years. Ancient is the theme of Jianshui county. You see antique architecture, ancient buildings, cultural sites, scattered wells, pleasant scenery, people of different nationalities and costumes, this is the charming Jianshui. So what’s to see at Jianshui? Here you are.

Zhujia Garden

Zhujia Garden, is a garden, but it is a grand dwelling house for a Mt Zhu, now it has become a scenic garden combining accommodation, viewing, tourism and entertainment. Zhujia Garden is a classic representative of Qing Dynasty styled architecture. Its elegant outlook with refined inside structure, flexible layout with rich space, gradual levels with quiet environment, plus the simple colors and proper decoration, Zhujia Garden show the perfect combination of inland and frontier culture by its profound cultural connotation and artistic value. Now it has 28 rooms for guests to live there and experience lifestyle of Qing Dynasty.

Chaoyang Tower

At a glance in the distance, you may ask is this the Tian’anmen Tower? But this is not that big. Aw, this is Chaoyang Tower is pretty much like Tian’snmen Tower, but this Chaoyang Tower is built 28 years before Tian’anmen Tower. Its flying eaves, delicate paintings and carvings, splendid and magnificence, making it a attractive to many people.

Jianshui ConfuciusTemple

Jianshui Confucius Temple is the second largest one in China. It was built according to Qufu Confucius Temple, which is the biggest one in China. The whole confucius style complex is quite impressive and magnificent, but also solemn and respectful, which has enriched the traditional cultural connotation for Jianshui.

Qujiang Spring Resort

Qujiang Spring Resort locates in Qujiang Town, Jianshui County. These springs are different from normal geothermal springs, but they gush out from deep earth by themselves. Springs there are of high radon content, this adds more specialty to these springs. Take a spring bath there and have a relaxed time.

Swallow Cave

Swallow cave in Jianshui is famous for its ecological landscape of hundreds of white-waist swifts nesting there every year. Also the peculiar landscape with hanging stalactite, unique skills and performance of picking up birds’ nest by local people, all these have attracted a lot of people come here for visiting this natural special cave.

At this ancient county, you will find there are a lot of ancient wells alongside the street. Wells of the antique color record the history of the city. Maybe every well has its own story to tell. By the way, when travel to Jianshui, do not miss barbecues there. Especially baked tofu is very delicious. 

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