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Travel Tips for Flower-viewing Tour in Taiwan (Part 1)

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Spring at Taiwan always comes earlier than most parts of China Mainland because of its advantageous location. Though, Taiwan is a great place for a tour in all the four seasons, the spring of Taiwan is more popular with the gorgeous sightseeing of various flowers. If you happen to plan a spring tour to Taiwan, here is a list of best destinations and travel tips for flower-viewing in Taiwan.

Cherry Blossoms at Jiuzu Cultural Village in Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area

Best time: February to 15th March

When travel to Taiwan, the beautiful and intriguing Sun Moon Lake is a must see attraction. And close to the Sun Moon Lake Scenic, there locates the Jiuzu Cultural Village which is a great place for the sightseeing of cherry blossoms.

There plants more than 5,000 cherry trees in the village and you can get beautiful views of enchanting cherry blossoms in every corner of the village. In the daytime, just walk around in the cherry blossom avenue to experience the sweet and gentle of cherry blossoms. While at night, cherry blossoms at the village gives another stunning beauties by dancing with the symphony and magic light sculptures. All these create a fancy world that brings a feast to your eyes and ears.

A train sightseeing of cherry blossoms in Ali Mountain

Best time: 15th March to 15th April

The famous Ali Mountain is always included on the top of the list when travel to Taiwan. Besides the five special views of sunrise, sea of clouds, sunset glow, alpine forest and alpine railway, Ali Mountain is also a popular place to enjoy cherry blossoms.

There are several varieties of cherry blossoms planted in Ali Mountain, among which the Yoshino cherry takes the primary. Take the special alpine train and enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms along the railway would be a special experience.

Flowers at Wuling Farm

Best time: February to April

Spring of Wuling Farm represents a sea of flowers for people. Wuling Farm is located in the middle of Taiwan and is surrounded by groups of mountains, which endows geographical advantages to the farm. Here at the Wuling Farm, you can not only enjoy the ever bright cherry blossoms and the dancing pink cherry blossom in the sunshine, also you can watch plum blossoms, peach flowers, apple flowers, pear flowers and azaleas.

Alocasias at Yangmingshan National Park

Best time: March to May

Cherry blossoms at Yangmingshan National Park are quite popular in Taiwan, but its alocasias have gained more fame. When walking along the Yangjin Road, you will see a misty and cloudy valley in the near distance. Then groups of alocasias come into your eyes when you step into the valley. Xiahua Lake has the densest alocasiacs. Those pure and white alocasias decorated with translucent water drops seem quite innocent. With the cool and humid climate in the park, the misty valley brings hazy beauty to these flowers.

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