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Travel Tips in Shanghai

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Shanghai is the biggest metropolitan in China. It is a must place to visit if you plan to China, it ‘s Status in China like New York in United Stated. You’ll never feel boring in this city because from morning to evening you have so many places and things to go and enjoy. I often been asked how to have fun in Shanghai if have one whole day? Here I want to give some suggestion.


The bund is landmark in Shanghai. It is a place you must go. Morning exercises and night view are the essence of the bund. If you can control your time, also if you can get up early, GO to the Bund in the moring. You will feel: WOW…….take a deep breath of fresh air, amazing buiding on both side of pujiang river come into your sight, also you may see some people play TaiChi, some play sword, some running down.  Both Shanghai and you may wake up with these activities. But if you can not get up early, night view of the bund is  also very beautiful, you will not miss the beauty.


The Bund

You may feel hungry with the breeze from Pujiang river,yes, it is breakfast time lah, In Shanghai if you don’t want to choose local breakfast, you can GO to the world famous KFC, but I strongly recommend you to try Xiao long bao (a kind of dumpling for breakfast) in City god temple, Queue to buy it in Nanxiang xiaolong restaurant which is near Yu garden is a kind of way for you to enter local people’s life. So please don’t go upstairs to sit and take menu, it is not the local people’s life style for breakfast.

After breakfast, you can go around city god temple, it is the best interpretion of Old Shanghai, you can buy all kind of souvenir here, you can enjoy bargain with the sellers.It is such a surprise, you may feel: Waaaa…. You can talk with the sellers freely although you don’t know Chinese, they could use Calculator, gesture, body language and simple english to tell you the price, so go ahead to bargain and buy, if you don’t know how much it values, I recommend you to give a low price first, if the seller don’t sell, then add little by little, try lah, Bargain is very interesting here.


After the interesting visit at City god temple, lunch time we must go to some good place to satisfy our stamoch. In Shanghai, you can find all kinds of cuisine in China and overseas, Chinese food is all over shanghai, you can find it everywhere so I don’t want to introduce more, If you like Thai food, you can go to Jin Xiang yuan restaurant in Majesty plaze hotel or Ma Boon Krong at CITIC, But if you say, I am from Thailand or I eat too much,,I don’t want this anymore, then you can choose Japanese food, Korean food, ask local people, they will give you suggestions.

In the afternoon, if you like shopping, you can go to Nanjing road or Huaihai road Shopping mall, you can find many famous brand there. If you want to see some secnic spots ,you can go to the Oriental pearl TV tower, Jade buddha temple, Yu garden, If you want to take some special photograph, I recommend you to go to Xuhui district, This place have many old Villa and Couryard, Plane trees at the both side of the road, silent and comfortable,

Hengshan Male Villa

After dinner,you must want to enjoy Shanghai night life, I’d like to introduce some Bars, Xintiandi is your best Choice if it is your first time to Shanghai, it is very famous and many foreigners like to spend night there,however, it is crowd and maybe you must share a table with other people, so better go there earlier if you really want to enjoy your night. The other choice if you just want to have a good communication with your friends, I recommend the Bar at Hengshang road, many local people in Shanghai and some foreigners working here like Bars there, Like FULL HOUSE(which is a Jazz style music bar), not so many people around, just enjoy your life with your friend listening some simple jazz music by Singer.

Well, this is my opinion of one day free and easy way to enjoy shanghai life, it’s simple but maybe you can not know this by travel agency. Hope you like it.



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