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Travel at Tengchong

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Tengchong County, a historical and cultural famous city, is suited in southwest of Yunnan province. It is adjacent to Myanmar. Tengchong is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, a city of cultural value, the distribution center of jades, and was used to be a communication hub of the Southwest Silk Road.

Because of its special geographical location - in the place which was born by the collision of Eurasian Plate and Indian Plate, Tengchong has unique geographical landscapes to be visited, spectacular volcanoes and geothermal groups, volcanic wonders of God Column Valley, Beihai Wetland, a city waterfall called Dieshui River Waterfall and other geographical sceneries.

Thermal Sea Scenic Area

Thermal Sea Scenic Area locates in the southwest of Tengchong county, 20 kilometers away. At this scenic area, there are 80 relatively big air fountains and hot springs, among which 14 springs’ temperature is as high as 90℃. You see springs gush out actively with dreamy vapors. Take a pleasant relaxed spring bath is the must there. Or you can boil peanuts, eggs and potatoes alongside the hot pan. This is really interesting.

Volcano Park Scenic Area

At this Volcano Park Scenic Area, there are about 97 volcanoes. This goup of volcanoes of different size and height lies there with verdant forests and special volcanic landscape. What’s special is the column jointings there at the Heiyu River valley, which is spectacular and amazing scenery. Take a balloon and you can overlook the wonders of the whole area. Also in the distance, you see villages of Myanmar.

Beihai Wetland

Beihai Wetland belongs to volcano lake ecosystem. This wetland is a land floating above water, with dense green grass, rich and complex biological diversity, spreading out like a colorful carpet. When May Orchids bloom, it become a sea of blue orchids. Rent a pair of grass shoes, get down to the wetland, walking in the orchids sea, this is a quite special experience.

Hexun Ancient Town

Hexun, this ancient town is built according to the surrounded mountains. This ancient town is a complex of different style architecture. You can see dwellings styled of Qing Dynasty, you can see the elegance of Hui style architecture, enjoy the casual of flowing stream and bridge of Jiangnan town architecture, and the fashionable western architecture and North Asian buildings.

Tengchong, this ancient city provides you with rich geographical wonders, cultural sites and strong ethic customs, is a place worth visiting.

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