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Travel to Litang in Sichuan

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318 National Highway is a dream for many people, as travel along the way you’ll see the most attractive scenery from Chengdu to Tibet. When heading to the charming Xinduqiao, Daocheng and Yading, you will pass by vast grassland called Maoya Grassland. This is where the beautiful Litang County stands.

Many tourists are attracted by the vast and colorful western Sichuan area, while Litang is one of the typical destinations in western Sichuan. Litang County is situated in southwest of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. With an elevation of 4,014 meters above the sea level, Litang is one of the highest towns in the world. It is about 285 kilometers away from Kangding area and 654 kilometers from Chengdu City, Litang seems a little remote to the world we are familiar with. But when you have seen the numerous beautiful views and have experienced those movements and uniqueness Litang has brought you, you may be starting to plan your next trip to Litang.

Before you arrive in Litang County, what comes first to the eyes should be the vast and flat Maoya Grassland. The grassland is surrounded by magnificent mountains with verdant grass. The vast grassland that you cannot catch its boundary with eyes, the blue sky with floating white clouds, groups of wondering yak, a carpet of lush grass and colorful unknown flowers, the sacred snow mountains, the far-stretched 318 National Highway, these alluring views should be kind of shocking scenery to those people who live in the crowded metropolis. Seeing this captivating scenery, what do you want to do? Galloping a horse in the vast land? Or lying in the grassland quietly and find your crowds of flower fragrance. Maoya Grassland always lingers people for a long time.

When come to Litang County, Ganden Thubchen Choekhorling Monastery should be the must see attraction. The monastery was built nestled to the mountain with well-proportioned layout are magnificent architectures. This is the religious center for the Kham Tibetan area by its glorious history and sacredness. Also the friendly monks there and the breathtaking views seen from the roofs of the temple make it more attractive.

Beauty and sacredness never lack in the Kham Tibetan area. On the southwest of Litang County, there stands the towering Genyen Holy Mountain. With an altitude of 6,224 meters, it is reputed as the first peak in Kham Tibetan area. Sacredness, magnificence, elegance and peculiarity are what to found at this holy mountain. Its snow-capped summit shines under sunlight, this is where the sacred golden lights come from. Also there are dense forests with various species vegetation decorated with flying waterfalls and crystal lakes. Genyen Holy Mountain is also a popular destination for mountaineering enthusiasts from home and abroad.

Litang has its unique scenery in the four seasons. But summer should be the best season to travel there. In summer, besides the captivating scenery, you may also lucky to join the fun of Horse Races Festival held in Litang on August 1 to 7th every year. At this time, there are local women in their most beautiful costumes and exquisite jewelry, excellent traditional sons and dancing, the most exciting event of horse riding races, and the busy trade of local specialties.

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