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Travel to Pingtan Island in Fujian at this Winter

 2014-01-22    Selina Ou    Sights    Fuzhou    2578  

To escape from the coldness of the winter season and seeking for warm and pleasant sunshine is highly recommended for a winter travel. And if you happen to want to travel to a warm island with attractive landscape in south China, Pingtan Island should be a good choice.

Pingtan Island, also called Haitan Island, is the fifth largest island in China and the largest island of Fujian Province. Located in the eastern coastal area of Fujin province, Pintang Island
is the closet place from the Chinese mainland to Taiwan. This island has gained growing fame by its beautiful and natural island views.

Pingtan Island is actually an island formed and shaped by the effect of sea erosion. The most outstanding at this island is stone. There are stones of various shapes and images to be found out at this island. Sea cliffs, sea caves, wavy-erosion platforms and marine-cut terraces of peculiar shapes and groups have make the island quite unique. Local people at Pingtan Island take advantage of stones as the main materials for their houses.

Pingtan Island has a coast line as long as 204.45 kilometers. There is long and clean beach with soft and fine sands to walk on and enjoy the charming attractive coastal scenery. As Pingtan Island is isolated from the mainland by the Haitan Strait, it is free from pollution and has quite clean and clean water.
When coming to this warm island, there are a lot to do and enjoy for fun. Walking in the beach with someone you love, leaving your footprints on the beach in the fresh sea winds should be an romantic thing to do. Or get up early and waiting for the spectacular of sunrise, or stay there to catch the magnificence of sunset. And Pingtan Island is actually a place for active water sports. It is quite suitable for wind surfing as there are roaring waves and strong winds in the island. Or, you can have the chance to go fishing with local fishermen, which would be an quite special experience. At the same time, those marine animals you found at the beach should add some surprises to your travel. By the way, do not forget to taste those delicious seafood at local restaurants.

Pingtan Island resembles an altar from a distance view. Main attractions at Pingtan scenic spot are the famous Ban Yang Shi Fan and Haitan Altar. Ban Yang Shi Fan is consisted by two standing steled sea stacks. These two sea stacks are giant granites in the shape of sails and are proved to be the largest granite sea stacks in the world. The Haitan Altar is special because of its shape resembles an granite sleeping man with his head on the beach and body in the sea. Also the Nan Zhai Stone Forest, Fairy Well, General Mountain, 36 Feet Lake are also main attractions in the Pingtan Island.

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