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Travel to See the Wonderland of Western Sichuan Highland

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The Western Sichuan Highland that is located in the border of Sichuan and Tibet is rated as one of the most beautiful highland in China. It is actually the extension of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau and it is known as Kham Area, including areas of the west side of Ya’an, autonomous prefectures of Garze, Aba, and Liangshan. Bestowed with rugged mountainous areas with majesty snow-capped mountains, vast grasslands, primitive forests, fascinating alpine lakes, beautiful Tibetan villages, and unique culture, Western Sichuan Highland is a popular destination for sightseeing, adventure, and photography.


When traveling to Western Sichuan Highland, famous destinations like Daocheng, Yading, Xinduqiao, Litang, Batang and Kangding are top choices for tourists. Besides the enchanting landscapes, the unique local culture and lifestyle also have great charm. Here let’s get a close look at the unique lifestyle of half-farming and half-nomadic in the river valley area of Western Sichuan Highland.

With many mountains rising across the plateau and rivers running through, the geography is quite complicated in this area. And the river valley located besides a river and among mountains and grassland is the typical landscape. There are blue sky, snow-covered peaks, and green grasslands in the higher end, while in the lower place there are villages and fields. Different from nomads and farmers, people live in the river valley lead a lifestyle of half-farming and half-nomad. In the morning, they get up early and drive the cattle, sheep, and yaks to the grassland and these animals would graze at their own. Then they would come back to the field for farming.

Oats, potatoes, and barley are the main crops in the Sichuan Western Highland. These crops not only satisfy the daily consume of local people, also they provide food for the livestock. When in autumn, the barley is ripe in golden color, small white flowers of potatoes in full bloom, and oats are harvested and stacked all over the fields it is a very beautiful season to visit the river valley area  in Western Sichuan Highland Grassland.

Zanba that is made from barley is the staple of local people. Zanba is usually eaten with butter tea to provide great energy and help to resist coldness. The local residences are also very special. These houses are built with rammed earth and stones to be very firm and solid, and they are an essential part of local culture.

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