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Travel to Yading Nature Reserve

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Yading Nature Reserve is one of the most stunning  hiking and scenic areas in China, yet not as well-known as Jiuzhaigou or  Shangri-La to the world due to its remoteness. Lying in the south of Sichuan,  high up on the Tibetan Plateau, Yading Nature Reserve is a hidden gem where you  can discover its snow-capped mountains, grassy meadows, blue glacial lakes and  clear water streams. We just finished our journey to Yading Nature Reserve and still  miss its unique natural beauty every day.


Because no airport or train station served  nearby, the nearest entry to Yading is from the city of Chengdu. When you get  to the town of Daocheng, the only way to reach the reserve is by public bus or  private vehicles. Nonetheless, it’s still a relatively unknown land with few transport facilities, the number of tourists is rather low even during the  high season.


Once you get to the reserve, the challenging  hiking begins. It’s not an easy trek and it probably would take you four or  five hours to climb the holy mountain and back. Electric carts are available  near the entrance but all they could go is as far as the Luorong pasture and  back. Still, I would say walking along the river to view the gorgeous scenery  is worth all the effort.


When we wanted to go to the upper lakes but  were afraid of getting too exhausted, we chose to ride a horse provided by the  locals from Luorong pasture to the lake.


Finally, here we were with the breathtaking  Milk Lake. The water on the edge of the lake has a milky white color, hence the  name. Folklore tells that visitors may see their future in the water, through  quiet reflection.


To reach Five Color Lake, we had to leave  the horses behind and walk by ourselves. When we approached the base of the  south side of the holy Mt. Chenresig, a most magnificent view spreading before  our eyes, the beautiful Five Color Lake. It is said when sunlight dapples the  lake, the ripples of the water reflect five colors.


We were very grateful to happen to have such  nice weather, which is the most crucial thing to appreciate the best of Yading  Nature Reserve.


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