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Travel to the Beautiful Tianmu Lake in Jiangsu

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On the north foot of the magnificent Tianmu Mountain and about 8 kilometers’ south of the Liyang City of Jiangsu Province, there locates a beautiful lake called Tianmu Lake. The attractive and intriguing natural scenery and cultural and interesting cultural relics have endowed Tianmu Lake with rich tourist resources.

Because of the ultra beautiful natural scenery and pleasant ecological environment in the Tianmu Lake, it has been reputed as the “pearl on the south Yangtze River”. Water in the lake is quite pure, clean and sweet, pollution is strictly kept away.

Tianmu Lake is also famed as “Green Fairyland” by its picturesque natural beauties. The lake is surrounded with rolling mountains and there are numerous islets of different sizes located among the lake. Inside this scenic area, there are various species growing there. Ancient trees, wild flowers and animals, all these have created a nice ecological to the lake.

The pleasant environment plus the mild climate and humid soil, Tianmu Lake area is gifted with a nice environment for growing tea. More than one thousand tons of tea yield and the owning of several famous tea brand, tea has been a specialty in Tianmu Lake. Every two year, there will be the Chinese Liyang Tea Festival held in Tianmu Lake area at which time you have chances to get a deep understanding of tea and buy some nice tea.

Tea Planting Garden in Tianmu Lake

When travel in the Tianmu Lake area, there are a lot to see and experience. The Tianmu Lake Natural Scenery is divided into three scenic areas, the Hill Peninsula of Tianmu Lake, Longxin Island and Chinese Tea Island.

The Hill Peninsula of Tianmu Lake is themed at the Cixiao Culture(慈孝文化) and Zhuangyuan Culture(状元文化) with several attrations, among which there are Cimu Hall and Zhuangyuan Pavilion are major ones. Also there is a Stone House where many strange and peculiar stones are collected for sightseeing.

Cimu Hall

Zhaungyuan Pavilion

Stone House

In the Longxin Island, there mainly dedicates to a special experience with cute animals. Tourists can get a fantastic experience with those small cute animals and get well known with butterflies at the Butterfly House.

Butterfly House

Elf Garden

The beautiful Tianmu Lake has its special charm in every season. Spring for an outgoing around the lake, summer for a cool drift in the lake, autumn for bear fruits and winter for pleasant spring bath. But all these special experience in the Tianmu Lake stay with the green fairyland that has ravishing natural beauty.

Spring in Tianmu Lake

And only charming scenery is not enough for a tour. When travel to the Tianmu Lake Natural Scenery, do not miss out the delicious fish head which is made with the fresh and tasty fish from the lake.

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