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Travel to the Dabie Mountains of Hubei Province

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Dabie Mountains are a major mountain range located in central China. Running northwest-to-southeast, they form the main watershed between the Huai and Yangtze rivers. The range also marks the boundary between Hubei Province and its neighbors of Henan (to the north) and Anhui (to the east).

The average elevation of the western half of the range is only 1,000–1,300 feet (300–400 metres), with a few peaks at the extreme western end of the range reaching 3,000 feet (900 metres). The southeastern end of the range, the Dabie Mountains proper, forms a much more complex and formidable barrier, averaging more than 3,300 feet (1,000 metres) in height. Its highest peak, Mount Huo, reaches 5,820 feet (1,774 metres), and several others exceed 5,000 feet (1,500 metres). The southeastern ridges are connected with the major structures of the area south of the Yangtze. Tectonic stresses between these mountain blocks subject the area to frequent earthquakes.

Lu'an is the home for the brave generals. Dabie Revolutionary Historical Memorial Park is a place most patriots love to go. Located on the bank of Jiuduntang in the center of Lu’an city, the park covers 107 mu and was first built in 1953. The cemetery consists of a memorial section and viewing section. Memorial section is in the center of the cemetery and it contains the cenotaph of martyrs, a sculpture of the sculpture of Martyr Xu Jishen, a showroom listing the heroic deeds of 108 generals from Wanxi, a grieving square, monuments, porches and some other memorial constructions.

This spot is good for visitors who want to connect with their country's patriotism or foreigners who are interested in the history of China. The sites and relics retell heroic stories time and time again. The waterfall in Tiantangzhai softens your heart and the hometown of generals will enforce your sense of patriotism. In the showroom, there are 263 documents of famous martyrs, 300 pieces of relics and pictures of martyrs, 500 books and other files, 1083 bills and tickets, over 100 weapons of which 13 are Class A revolutionary relics of the state.

The glancing section surrounds the showroom and consists of Riyue Lake, Gongxin Bridge and an amusement park.

International Forest Park centered around Tiantangzhai is another key tourist attraction in the highest part of the Dabie mountain range. The range is heavily forested (about 85% coverage) and yields valuable bamboo as well as oak, particularly cork oak, making it China's chief cork-producing area.

The region is very poor, and subsistence agriculture is the heart of its economy with rice and tea predominating. Total area of the park is 300 square kilometers. Located in Hubei province's Luotian County and close to the border with Anhui Province, the park is about 68 kilometers from Luotian town, 140 kilometers from Macheng, 150 kilometers from Huangshi, and 210 kilometers from the Hubei provincial capital, Wuhan.

As for the transport, the main route across the Dabie Mountains proper is from Macheng (in Hubei) to Huangchuan in the Huai River valley (in Henan). Farther west the main railroad and highway south from Wuhan cross by relatively easy passes.

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