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Travel to the Mythical Tingming Lake in Yunnan

 2014-01-15    Selina Ou    Sights    Lushui    1631  

When you travel to Yunnan Province, when you travel to adventure at Pianma town to enjoy the magnificence of the Three Parallel Rivers, the Grand Canyon of Nujiang River and the splendid Gaoligongshan Mountain, there is another attraction, Tingming Lake that is also quite popular for your adventure tour. This mythic and mysterious lake in deep mountains has attracted numerous tourists to experience its magic and mystery.

Tingming Lake, a mythical lake located in the northeast of Pianma Town of Lushui County, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It lies in the deep of Gaoligongshan Mountain Natural Reserve between Tingming Mountain and Wuzhong Mountain. It is 600 meters away from the Mafeng Ice & Wind Pass of Gaoligongshan Mountain. Tingming Lake is an alpine lake with a elevation of 3,540 meters above sea level and covering an area of 0.3 square kilometers. Tingming Lake gets the source of Tingming River which is a glacial erosion lake.

With a high altitude, Tingming Lake has a low temperature but water in the lake is so blue and clear. As it has a short history, there are few creatures in the lake and it has high quality water. Blue and transparent, Tingming Lake is a jade mirror that reflect the surrounded peace and beautiful landscapes. Tingming Lake is surrounded with green and dense forests. There are many wild animals living and wandering around the lake, some are rare species, like golden monkeys, red pandas, antelopes, mountain donkeys and so on.

Tingming Lake has attractive scenery with different views in four seasons. In spring, when melted stream trickling into the river, wild animals waking up from hibernation and playing around the lake, with the mountain carpeted with bright azalea blossoms, Tingming Lake welcomes its active and lively spring. When summer comes, there are various wild flowers blooming among mountains and forests, adding colors to the green mountains and blue lake. At autumn, golden leaves on the shore takes the leading character. Enjoying the clear golden images reflected to the lake under the clear sky in the cool autumn, this is how people lost in its autumn. While in the winter, the whole scenery is covered with snow, everything is white while Tingming Lake still hold blue water, which presenting a peaceful and quiet scene.

But even, when you see the ever beautiful scenery of Tingming Lake, keep quiet, or at least exhilarate in low voice or your loud cheers will start a thunder. This is where the mythic of Tingming Lake lies. People come to the lake should talk in low voice, because shout and screams will cause sudden wind, rain and hail in a moment. People living there used to be puzzled at this mythical nature, but actually this is because thick fog pervading above the lake is moisture saturated and it will form rain and hail when there comes loud acoustic vibration. 

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