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Traveling Tips For The Palace Museum

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Traveling tips of the Palace Museum

Tip 1 : attractions tickets
The Palace Museum has two different ticket system, which is off season ticket and in season ticket. Of course the ticket in season is more expensive. But you could have a preferential ticket if you are a student or the special guest.

Regular tickets :
The Palace Museum will receive a lot of tourist around 1, April to 31, October, therefore the ticket goes to 60 RMB for each person ( this ticket is not allowed to visit the Treasure Hall and the clock section).
The off season is around 1, November to 31, March, every single ticket sales as 40 RMB for each person ( and this ticket is not allowed to visit the Treasure Hall and the clock section also).
The Treasure Hall belongs to the Palace of Tranquil Longevity and place included the opera house, the ticket sales as 10 RMB for each person. The clock section belongs to the Hall for Ancestry Worship, and the ticket is 10 RMB for each person also. By the way, Children can be free to visit who is below the height of 1.2 meters.

The preferential policies on tickets ( all the preferential policies are not including the Treasure Hall and the clock section ):
1. The primary, middle schools and colleges could buy the ticket with the student's identity card or the recommendation of schools, the ticket for a student is 20 RMB for each person ( this policy is included the international student, but not including adult education and Postgraduate ).
2. The old people who is 60 years old or above could have 50% ticket with valid documentation.
3. Children could visit free of charge who is under 14 years old ( including 14) at every Children’s day and there is a parent who visit with the kid could have 50% ticket.
4. The disabled could visit in free of charge with credentials.
5. Women could enjoy 50% ticket in every Women's Day.

Tip 2 : the best time for traveling the Palace Museum

Beijing is the warm temperate zone continental monsoon climate, four seasons, dry and cold winter, windy and dusty will visit sometimes. The average temperature of January is -4 ℃,July’s average temperature is 26 ℃. So the best time to visit the Palace Museum is around the last ten-day of April to the first ten-day period of June, and the last ten-day of August to November.

The Palace Museum is the center of Beijing city, therefore this place brings a lot of visitors every day. Then, visit the Palace Museum around the last ten-day of April to the first ten-day period of June is better for tourist, cause the tree turns to green and flower is everywhere around this period.

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