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Traveling in Furong Cave

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Furong cave is a large limestone cave, located in Wulong County of Chongqing, about 190 kilometers from the urban area of Chongqing. Known as “The China's most beautiful places that in underground”. Within the Furong cave, there is rich landscape which consisting of 70 kinds of chemical deposits, these landscapes are spectacular and amazing, praised as "a beautiful magnificent underground palace of art".

Furong cave formed about 1,200,000 years ago, the stability temperature of deep hole is 16.1 degrees. The main tunnel is 2,700 meters long, tour road is1,860 meters wide. There are various beautiful stalactites, most of them are the widespread distribution, texture pure, and perfect form, at present, these landscapes are rare in China. Now, there are three major scenic spots that have developed the whole line around 1,846 meters. The main attractions are about thirty spots, of which more than ten spots are the most famous scenic at home and abroad.

The inside cave landscape which composting of all deposits is not only exquisitely carved, and also spectacular. Some of them seem gorgeous, brilliant and amazing. Especially being in the form of pool coral and Dogtooth shaped calcite crystal flower, on the cave wall, there are various postures of the curling stone, calcite and gypsum crystal flower, and all of those are rare in the domestic and world.

Furong cave is divided into three major scenic spots, the first scene is given priority to colorful, second and third scenic with heavy science and tone restore nature as the main line.
Into Furong cave, you will feel the magical creature of nature. The main attractions are the golden hall, Leifeng pagoda, sea dragon palace, giant screen waterfalls, Ishida pearl, reproductive god column, coral jade pool, etc... Furong cave almost includes all sedimentary types, more than 70 kinds. Such as: the stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone curtain (small stone curtain), stone waterfall, stone flags, stone belt, stone shield and stone grapes, coral crystal flowers, etc.

Furong cave is recognized as the most beautiful underground landscape. It not only has a high tourism value and aesthetic value, but also has a great research value in terms of stratigraphy, mineralogy, geomorphology, hydrology, geochemistry, pale climate, pale environment studies and a series of scientific fields. In 1994, Furong cave was named the first cave among of 100 caves in
China, known as "the king of the cave", "one of the best tour of cave in the world ".

Finally remind visitors, here abundant rainfall and mild climate, annual average temperature is 18.6
, annual rainfall is 925.4 mm, annual sunshine is 1,230 hours, 230 days is frost free period. So that the best time for Furong cave tourism is spring and winter. Remember to taste the local food, the most famous are the Yuxiang shredded pork, tangerine-flavored beef, sliced beef in hot chili oil, Gongbao chicken, smoked ribs, and fried mutton and so on.

Furong cave is a place worth to visit, where you can enjoy the unique beautiful landscape that creates by nature!


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