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Traveling to Xiamen

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As accommodation may spend you a large sum of money, especially once you come across the peak traveling season, prices in many hotels will just keep arising up instead of giving discounts. Therefore in such occasion, it may be wiser to book a room with several days earlier, and keep your accommodation day as long as your planned staying days, as housekeepers are much more fancied these travelers, so they will keep you there with a much cheaper price.

Although Gulangyu Island is the the place that you should not miss once traveling to Xiamen, it is a place with little land and many people. Hotels have no vacant rooms, and prices are more expensive than Xiamen Island, therefore, choose the hotels in Xiamen Island, they are cheaper while share the same accommodation conditions. If you are together with your friends, you can even share a room with them, in this case, you can save a lot of money to go to other places.

Food & Drink

Food and snack in Xiamen is not expensive, however, if you are not caution enough, you will be treated, especially in some tourism spots, Shacha noodle, shrink noodle, fish cake soup, beef noodles are all the special food, and prices are mostly within 10 RMB. If you want to have some fish food, you’d better go to some small restaurant, or ask for some help from boss of the hotel, they will tell you where you should go. On he other hand, if you want to cook by yourself, you can go and buy some food back to cook as most hotels offer the self kitchen. 

Well, if you are alone and feel bored when eating alone, there is also one tip for you, find someone to eat together, give 5~10 RMB to the servant in the hotel, they will help you make the dish ready and then you can eat together with them.


Book the ticket before, even though it is the peak traveling season, you can get a discount, here there are two websites to book the ticket for your reference, the Go-Where and Kuxun. If you are gonna choose the train, though it will take you a long time and bored, there are many beautiful senaries on the way, and most of the time, you are already in your destination after one deep sleep, now, the high railway will be available soon, you can reach there in several hours easily and comfortably.

If you want to go to Xiamen University, there are Line 1 and Line 21; if your destination is Huandao Road, take Line 2 and Line 809, and Line 507. Transportation in Xiamen is very convenient, nearly every place can be reached by catching the bus, and price of inland Xiamen bus is only 1 RMB, 2 RMB of outland Xiamen.

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