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Travelling in Beijing

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As the capital of China, Beijing has attracted a lot of both foreigners and Chinese. Why? Beijing is a city which is full of unbeatable sights and historical sites. In addition, Beijing is also the cultural center in China. However, you might be unable to see all the famous sites or get the unique experience if you are strange here. The following are some things you must do while travelling in Beijing.

Great Wall is a very majestic sight. The length of Great Wall is up to approximately eight thousand kilometer. How amazing that it was build by man rather than machines. Climbing the Great Wall, you will see amazing views. Even better, you are able to find places to have meals, take rests and shopping while visiting this grand scenery. Hence, it is a pity if you do not visit this grand scenery when you travel in Beijing.

You should also go to the Forbidden City. It is located in the center of the central axis of Beijing. Both the Ming and Qing emperors lived in Forbidden City. This famous building covers an area of about 720000 square meters. You had better visit this place if you are interested in Chines history.
Summer Palace is also a famous attraction that you need to take a visit. it is located in the northwest Beijing, which is famous for the beautiful natural pastoral scene. It is mainly composed of the longevity hill and kunming lake.

Another place you need to visit is Tiananmen square. You had better get up at five o’clock and try to reach there at six o’clock. Only by doing so, you are able to watch the flag rising.

You had better watch the Beijing Opera after visiting the historic sites in Beijing. You can well know the essence of Chinese culture through Beijing Opera. However, it may be hard for you to fully understand Beijing Opera unless you make some preparations in advance. What’s more, you can also choose to watch Kung Fu Show if you want to watch excellent performance.

Peking Roasted Duck is very delicious. You should be shocked by its appealing appearance, complicated cooking steps, unique flavor and taste. However, those features only exist on authentic Peking Roasted Duck. There are also a huge amount of tasty snacks in Beijing. You must go to the Wang Fu Jing snack street if you want to eat the tastiest snacks.

Another thing you must do is to pay a visit to Hutong area when travelling in Beijing. You can know the original lifestyle of those Beijing residents. In addition, this kind of unique lifestyle also reflects its local culture. Paying a visit to Hutong area will help you gain a good knowledge about Beijing.
At last, you should also the best place to shop. Wangfujing street, qianmen, xidan and Dongsi are the major business district in Beijing. You can buy whatever you want while visiting those areas. Generally, you can wander around Sanlitun and Wudaokou if you want to get products at cheap prices. 

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