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Travelling in Wuyuan

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Wu Yuan boasts the most beautiful country in China. It is situated on the borders between Anhui, Jiangxi and Zhejiang Provinces. Wu Yuan is the birthplace of Hui Zhou culture. It has always enjoyed the reputation of being a "Land of culture and tea".

We, a group of 4 longed to feast our eyes on the beautiful scene. There are two best periods of time to go there. One is between March and April; another is between November and the December. At these times, you can enjoy the spring’s rape flowers and the red autumnal leaves.

We went there before Qing Ming Festival, just escaped the tourist crowds. As it’s springtime, our route revolves around admiring rape flowers. We chose east route, which includes these tourist sites:

Jiang Ling(江岭): The fields of rape flowers are most eye catching here. The area is covered with terraces of rape flowers. The scenery is breathing taking at sunrise.
Xiao Qi (晓起): It includes Shang Xiao Qi (上晓起)and Xia Xiao Qi (下晓起). Xia Xiao Qi is not worth seeing as it is already extremely commercialized.

Jiang Wan(江湾): Journey can be very convenient as the infrastructure here is very good. It is well stocked with all kinds of things. However for me, I think if you don’t have enough time, you might just skip it.

Wang Kou(汪口): The main attraction sight is Yu ancestral hall. Buildings are all traditional style. It is not as crowed as other sight spots. It is worth wandering about.

Li Keng(李坑): Buildings here are typical representatives of Hui agriculture. Small bridges and flowing waters, white walls and dark grey roof tiles match one another in tranquil elegance.

Moon Bay(月亮湾): It is a half moon shaped island. Photographers love it, as it is an especially charming place at early mornings and dusk.
Rainbow Bridge(彩虹桥): It is well known as it was filmed at the movie of Sparkling Red Star. In my eyes, it is a quite ordinary bridge.

Si Xi (思溪),Yan Cun (延村): These two villages make up one sight spot. The distance between them is only one mile. The two villages are famous for stone carving, woodcarving and tile carving.


1.How to go to Wu Yuan county town
a. From Hangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo:
Mode of transport: Direct bus service
Duration: 4 hours
Fare: about 117 Yuan (start from Hangzhou)
b. From Beijing
The most convenient and cheapest way is taking trains. You need to change at Nanchang.
From Beijing to Nanchang:
Mode of transport: direct train to Nangchang
Duration: 11 hours
Fare: about 300 Yuan for hard berth
From Nanchang to Wuyuan:
Mode of transport: shuttle bus
Fare: 105 Yuan
The shuttle bus runs four times a day and it starts at 8:30 for every 2 hours.

2. From West station (new station) to North station (old station)

There are two bus stations at Wu Yuan county town. As shuttle buses start at the old station,
a. You need to take bus No. 1 or 2 from new station to old station. The fare is 1 Yuan.
b. Alternatively, you can take motorcycle-taxi at the peak time. The fare is 8 Yuan for 2 persons. The price is also negotiable.

3. From county town to site spots

Mode of transport: mini bus
Li Keng(李坑): 5 Yuan
Xiao Qi(晓起): 11 Yuan
Jiang Wang(江湾): 11 Yuan
Jiang Ling(江岭): 20 Yuan
Note: The last mini bus is at 5:20pm.
4. Transport between site spots
a. Car hire
b. Minibus
c. Cycle

About Luggage

1. Water proof clothing such as umbrellas, raincoats and waterproof shoe covers
2. Warm clothes, as it is quite chilly whilst waiting for watching sunrise
3. Ruck sacks and hand bags
4. Cash!!!

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