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Travelling in Zaozhuang of Shandong

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Zaozhuang is described as a pearl in southern Shandong Province, with many historical sites, natural sights and abundant coal resourses. Located in the south of Shandong, Zaozhuang is neighbor to Linyi, Jining and Tongshan, Pizhou counties of Jiangsu Province, Zaozhuang City is also a popular travel destination.

Zaozhuang is the hometown of a famous Chinese philosopher Mozi of the Warring States Period (476BC-221BC). Mozi's influential work 'Mohist Canon' enlightened the following generations greatly. It is also a revolutionary base of Chinese Anti-Japanese War.

It is where the railway guerilla was organized. Tai'erzhuang Battle in 1938 was an important turning point of Chinese Anti-Japanese War. In addition, the place also boasts of its Chinese dates and megranates. It has the largest megranates orchard in the country.

Zaozhuang has abundant tourism resources. It enjoys a long history. During the Xia Dynasty (2100 BC-1600 BC), the city belonged to different states. The relics of Xue State and Teng State, Wanmu Megranates Orchard, Mozi Memorial Hall. 

Tai’erzhuang Battle Site, the Railway Guerilla Memorial Garden, Xiong’er Mountain National Geologic Park and Baodugu National Forest Park are worth visiting. The relics of Xue State and Teng States are situated in Tengzhou City, a county-level city under Zaozhuang. The old town of Xue State is one of the best preserved ancient towns in China. Located in Xue State, Railway Guerilla Red Tourism Sites are composed of two parts: Railway Guerilla Monument and Railway Guerilla Memorial Garden. It is among the 100 key red tourism sites in China. Stone Paintings of Han Dynasty exhibited in Tengzhou Exhibition Hall display in an efficient manner the varied content and connotation.

If you want to get close to nature, the Grand Double-dragon Rift Valley of Xiong’er Mountain will be a good destination. It is 1000 meters long, two to six meters wide, and 30 to 50 meters deep, which is challenging for hiking lovers.

Zaozhuang was also a revolutionary base for the railway guerillas during the Chinese Anti-Japanese War. Tai’erzhuang Battle Site was founded in memory of the Tai’erzhuang Battle in 1938. It is Located in Tai'erzhuang District, and is restored on the site where the famous battle happened. The memorial hall shows films, photos and other battle material which reappear the scene of the battle.

Another major spot in Zaozhuang is Wanmu Megranates Orchard. Located in the Yicheng District, the orchard is China's largest megranates orchard with 100 thousand mu (about 26 square miles) area. The ancient sites including temples and pavilions add more cultural flavor there.

If you are hungry, you can find lots of restaurants with local feature. The local cuisine in Zaozhuang belongs to Shandong Cuisine. Yimengshan Mutton Soup, Vegetable Pancake, Spicy Chicken, Kua Bao Huo Shao (a kind of baked square pancake) and Nanyang Duck are the most popular local dishes in Zaozhuang. The most popular local foods are mutton soup and southern Shandong style pancake. Pancake is the staple food for the local people. This is made from wheat, corn, bean and pachyrhizus, which are good for health.

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