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Travelling to Chongzuo to Experience Zhuang Culture

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Chongzuo is a beautiful place with rich historical, natural, and animate tourism resources. Dating back to 214 BC, the city has witness massive changes. And as the largest Zhuang population of any city in China now, it’s the best place to experience featured Zhuang culture.

In 214 BC, during the Qin dynasty, Chongzuo was part of the Xiang commandry. Chinese general Feng Zicai beat back a French attack here at the Battle of Bang Bo in 1885. Sun Yat-sen fired the first cannon shot of the anti-Qing revolution in Chongzuo in 1907. In the 1930s, after fomenting rebellion in other parts of Guangxi, Deng Xiaoping helped organize the peasants and workers here during the Longzhou rebellion and eventually formed the Red Army's 8th Army. Later, in 1979, the Chinese army invaded Vietnam from here.

Chongzuo has amazing biodiversity with more than 4000 species of plants and more than 450 kinds of animals. There are more than 30 rare and protected animals including white headed and Indo-Chinese black langurs, crested striped hornbills, pangolins, and clouded leopards. 1/4 of China’s wild animal species can be found in Chongzuo. Nongguan Ecological Park is a protected nature reserve for white-headed langurs. In the entire world, these long-tailed monkeys are found only in the southwest Guangxi region. At present there are only seven hundred remaining.

Because their survival is so endangered, they are treated with the same level of care reverence as China's national treasure, the Panda. A research center by Beijing University on the white-headed leaf monkey, of which around 500 individuals live in and near Chongzuo Ecology Park. Every morning, they leave their caves to spend the day on the hilltops, then return in the evening around sunset.

Other attractions like Mingshi Tian Yuan, a 20 square kilometer (7.7 square miles) scenic areea famous for its breathtaking pastoral landscape, also worth a visit. It is 53 kilometers (33 miles) from Daxin County and is usually spoken of as the 'Lesser Guilin'. The whitewashed pagoda is also a place many visitors would like to see. Stand on top of a large rock in the middle of the river, the pagoda seems like miracle. When you get to the riverbank, a small boat can take you across to climb the pagoda. The whitewashed pagoda stands on top of a large rock in the middle of the river.

When you get to the riverbank, a small boat can take you across to climb the pagoda. Detian Waterfall is a beautiful cascade in Daxin County, only 50 meters (55 yards) from the China-Vietnam border.

Chongzuo is one of the earliest centers of Zhuang culture. Important sites dating back to the stone age have been found here. The Rock Paintings of Hua Mountain along the Ming River at Huashan date back 1800 to 2500 year and are one of the largest groups of pictographs in China and in the world. On several cliff faces are hundreds of large red pictographs depicting a large battle.

The red pigment is still bright and vivid and individual figures, weapons, and animals are easy to distinguish. The cliffs, part of the sacred Frog Mountain, were important site to the early Zhuang. There are Zhuang, Han, Yao, Miao, Hui, Dong, Shui and Jing ethnic groups living there. Ethnic groups comprise over eighty-eight percent of the city's total population. The Zhuang minority dominates making up the vast majority of the ethnic population.

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