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Treacherous Milk Sea in Sichuan

 2014-09-02    Young    Sights    Sichuan    1859  

Milk Sea shaped like one water droplet is one ancient glacial lake, with the surrounding beauty of snow-capped mountains. The glistening lake and the azure sky could add to each other's splendor. Milk Sea is distinguished for its elegant shape and turquoise blue water.

Scalloped Milk Sea lay in a peaceful basin surrounded by mountains, in its middle is the clear blue melting water of the nearby mountains; its neighboring thing is one milk-white groove around the sea. The milk-white circle is roughly the origin of the name Milk Sea. The water nearby the shore is slightly black.

The sea floor is all deposits of ancient plants that are those sediments deposited at or near sea level. Inside further is the area that takes on the light green color. Deeper it goes, and deeper into the azure waters of the sea, more plainly to be viewed at every step; until some few miles hence the blue water will shine brilliantly.

Here visitors could view a world of water, the clearest in the world. And the local people would call the sea there "haizi." The sparkling sea slightly flowed through and the sunlight skimmed over the water without intermission when the sunshine filtered through the cloud. Thus, the sea as of the polished gemstone with a changeable luster alternated between faint and even, brilliant and elusive.

There're patches of meadow and soft forest debris on the side of the sea, as of one green piece of flannelette attending on its love cautiously for the precious stone. Above the meadow are the sharp and hard towering cliff and the shingle, which look very unfathomable. Even the most mundane things in Milk Sea can become objects of beauty in visitors' eyes, which resembled from a distance a vast emerald in its setting of Snow Mountains.

Yet never did I breathe its pure serene till I came into the Milk Sea. The pure water with the subtle rhythm offer people for the pleasure and the innocent mood, yet the arrogant blue sea is not so transparent, but gorgeous and mysterious. It is not easy to catch the elusive charm of Milk Sea. The Abominable Snowman who haunts the fantastic imagination of climbers in the Himalayas is hardly more elusive.

According to legend, a long time ago there was the slim fairy girl of the amazing Mount Qomolangma who was spending herself on scenes of romantic interest of those snow-capped mountains. One day she came into haizi with enchanting and appealing scenery, and she was exceedingly glad. And then she had cast a spell on the sea that took on in a cascade of color at that instant.

The legend says that Milk Sea was one holy lake where people could be miraculously healed of Alalia cophica. Milk Sea with the altitude of over 4,800 meters above sea level is one fair and soft lake that goes far in a day. When you roam through the deserted lake, you could view the beauty of the lake that contrast unfavorably with the beautiful and colorful Yading Mountains. 

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